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November 20, 2022 · 2 min read

Forecast for FIFA World Cup 2022

by Albert Timashev

Rating of potential winners, in order of strength of victorious astrological configurations:

  1. 🇳🇱Netherlands is the undisputed favorite and contender for 1st place.

  2. 🇰🇷South Korea is a contender for 2nd or 3rd place. With all the victorious indicators, due to slightly less successful configurations than the Netherlands, Sourth Korea can lose in the semi-finals and then fight only for 3rd place, but can make it to the final and take 2nd place.

  3. 🇨🇭Switzerland will excel at this World Cup, but it may not reach the fight for prizes, although there is still some chance for 2nd or 3rd place. The fact is that Switzerland has many successful astrological configurations for this World Cup, but there is not a single one among them that unambiguously speaks of victory or a prize-winning place.

  4. 🇵🇱Poland and 🇺🇾Uruguay have approximately equal chances of 2nd, 3rd or 4th place. I would call Uruguay a contender for 2nd place, but this team is in danger of encountering some difficulties that at the decisive moment will block the incredible luck that accompanies them at this World Cup. Therefore, we can definitely say that the Uruguay national team will perform very well for themselves, but the prize is not guaranteed for them.

  5. 🇹🇳Tunisia and 🇨🇲Cameroon have a good chance to perform well, but we can hardly talk about prizes.

Rating of potential outsiders, from the most disastrous to simply unsuccessful performances:

  1. 🇦🇷Argentina, 🇧🇷Brazil, 🇨🇦Canada and 🇯🇵Japan will be the main disappointments of the World Cup, as they completely lack any astrological indicators for victory. They can stay afloat for some time due to the resources invested in them and well-trained or simply talented players, but still they have virtually no chance of winning.

  2. 🇩🇪Germany, 🇺🇸USA, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Wales, 🇶🇦Qatar and 🇬🇭Ghana—their performances are not a complete failure, but rather not very successful: starting from Germany (which has only a small fraction of luck) to Ghana (which has a little more luck, but still extremely low, that is not enough for a good result at the World Cup).

  3. 🇷🇸Serbia, 🇮🇷Iran, 🇦🇺Australia, 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia and 🇵🇹Portugal will disappoint their fans too, if not immediately, then during the championship. 🇵🇹Portugal should be given special mention as they seem to have almost the same chance of winning as 🇨🇲Cameroon, but since Cameroon is more successful and in the list of potential winners, this means an evident defeat for Portugal (even if it does not have to compete with Cameroon directly).

Middling whose performances can not be called either particularly successful or particularly failed, in order from better to worse performance:

Round of 16:
Final – Variant 1:
Final – Variant 2: