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Greetings to all,

My name is Polina-Maria-Veronika, I am a consulting astrologer, the author of online services and ArtUrania website. I am available via Skype, email and instant messengers. You can contact me for help and support anytime.

  • When you have a live question and need to get an answer quickly PayPal 💵 $35

  • Situation When you are concerned about a certain situation and want to sort the things out PayPal 💵 $99

  • Compatibility with a love mate or a partner PayPal 💵 $119

  • Personal destiny with a delineation of life periods:

  • Psychological Portrait Personal qualities and capabilities PayPal 💵 $149

  • Forecast as a birthday or Christmas present with a delineation of main tendencies and significant events for the next year. Audio recording is available on demand PayPal 💵 $269

  • Choice of the most auspicious moment for a certain activity: wedding, moving, surgery, purchase and sale or any other significant event PayPal 💵 $89

  • Name Tuning Name selection for a newborn or changing the name for destiny correction PayPal 💵 $129

  • Traveler Forecast Choice of the most favourable countries and cities for study, work and living. Relocation PayPal 💵 $159

  • Company Business Forecast PayPal 💵 $800

  • Personal 2-3 hour online consultation – free form and any questions PayPal 💵 $135

My contacts:

WhatsApp: +94786975924

Telegram: +94786975924

Viber: +94786975924

Skype: art_urania

Facebook Messenger: arturania

E-mail: contact@arturania.com