Creator of ArtUrania

Greetings to all,

My name is Polina-Maria-Veronika. I'm the author of ArtUrania website which offers the global forecasts and online applications such as Dream Calendar. I am designer and trendsetter by education. I live in Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

I see the world as a variety of fascinating stories. In November and December I usually meditate about the tendencies and mysteries of the upcoming year; draw the illustrations of beneficial animals; and make an online forecast where anyone can enter one’s date of birth and find out what he or she may expect next year. My annual forecast is a big illustrated story.

Each of us is a character of one’s own unique story written in the stars. That story has its turning points, acute crises and periods of unprecedented success. Sometimes life goes uphill, and sometimes it resembles a steep descent along the ski slope. I believe that it is useful for everyone to know their own destiny, for a person who does not know one’s own karma makes one’s way through the city jungle barefoot and blindfolded. Knowledge of destiny gives an informed view of life! I can tell from my own experience that astrology is a very useful tool that helps in solving many life problems.

The second section of my site is dedicated to Sri Lanka that I admire like many of those people who have been able to visit this land. Adam, who was expelled from Heaven Paradise, Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, Lord Rama and Hanuman visited this good land. Writers Arthur Clarke and Michael Ondaatje, the founder of the Theosophical Society Elena Blavatsky and the architect Geoffrey Bawa lived in Sri Lanka and loved it.

Sri Lanka gives me inspiration; I practice yoga, meditation, and sometimes appear in Sri Lankan newspapers. As a consulting astrologer I work remotely. I can be contacted by WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +79117441114, Skype art_urania or e-mail contact@arturania.com

If you come to sunny Ceylon, you can consult me personally and have the great holidays!