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December 5, 2020 · 9 min read

Forecast 2021

In the end of 2020 the mankind is planning to go for a new line of discovering the new knowledge that will change the world and the ideas about the reality as something solid and material. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn exactly at solstice on December 21 marks the beginning of the new 20-year cycle and a sesquicentennial Age of Air including space, information, intellect and consciousness that will last until 2159. It will bring a final transition from material values to nonmaterial ones, the demo version of which we witnessed in 1980s-1990s. Therefore January and February of 2021, and 2021-2022 as a whole are the years of sudden and irreversible changes that will cause crisis phenomena and chaos. The values of Age of Earth of 1842-2020 that have led to appearance of Consumer Society will suffer the crisis.

Anarchy – foremother of order

The year 2021 as a whole inspires optimism, but in some ways it is horror even for the frenzied optimist, since the mutated “corona-baby” of 2020, will be divided into Scylla and Charybdis, which lie in wait at every new turn and at every reform necessary for society and leave a very narrow room for maneuver. The year begins with abrupt and inconsistent transformations, reforms and experiments in an attempt to establish a new order, as well as civil wars and conflicts based on inequality and injustice - and ends with them. In the extreme case, it is a year of unrest, riots, revolutions and projects to save the world. January and February are the most chaotic, turning and provocative months. Strikes, protests, border conflicts and the formation of active hotbeds of resistance, the participants of which are capable of showing truly "bullish" stubbornness, are likely in January-February, May-July and winter 2021-2022.

From August to December the Earth will face turning events of the world scale meaningful for all the earthlings. The Galaxy is also preparing a surprise for us.

It is a politically active and transformative year, in which co-creation and commonwealth is possible, based on the common interests and in the interests of all mankind, but also the division of states and peoples according to values, when everyone seeks to find or create a group of friendly supporters.

Overall, 2021 offers many democratic, liberation and humanist initiatives. Antimonopolists, fighters for equality in rights, political amnesty, affordable medicine, animal rights, unfair competition, coercion and various forms of discrimination, including minorities, will deploy their flags. In spirit, 2021 is similar to 1961, when 17 African states gained independence, the Island of Freedom (Cuba) defended it, and the space industry was making leaps and bounds.

The accumulated protest against false authorities and injustice, against despotism, corruption and tyranny, "delusional" restrictions in 2021 will manifest itself especially clearly in the first months.

A free and contradictory spirit will appear in all its power like a genie bursting out of a bottle in the form of an indestructible metal bull.

Together, such bulls are able to sweep away those restrictions and frameworks that prevent free “walking”, punch a hole in the wall for future democratic reforms, or mercilessly trampling on dissenting opponents of progress.

In social and political life, a radical change awaits us, a coup (at least, its attempt!) and significant transformations.

Changes and redistribution of the territorial borders of states, new agreements and commonwealth, decisions to “unfreeze” common and neutral territories, for example, the Arctic and Antarctic, are likely. The 2020s may resemble 1991-1994, when the collapse of the USSR and the parade of independence of the former Soviet republics took place, even 1961-62 with the Cuban missile crisis and the Sino-Indian border war - the conflicts of those years may again make themselves felt.

The year 2021 is woven from contradictory trends as if

two owners live in one house where one is a humanist of freedom-loving views and the other is a stern and strict despot, and they have a “crazy” servant-saboteur who periodically provides “bearish” services according to Figaro's principle – Figaro is here and there.

On the one hand, there are tendencies towards freedom, democratic transformations, voluntarism, and on the other hand, towards the restriction of these same freedoms and the desire to preserve the status quo at all costs. These contradictory trends and inconsistencies in reforms lead to an increase in social tensions, which will result in protests, riots, strikes, civil wars in an unbreakable determination to achieve a just order of society. Society will be in a fever and toss from side to side in search of a panacea. In this regard, in 2020 we see something similar to the Cholera riots in the Russian Empire in the summer of 1831.

The most difficult, conflicting and crazy month is January, especially its second half, it also gives rise to the first Scylla and Charybdis 2021. In February, with a peak in the middle of the month, liberation tendencies will manifest as much as possible. It will be possible to break through the wall of "money", carrying truth and publicity, which is necessary like air. It will become known of the true state of affairs in the fields of medicine (vaccination), health care and education; corruption scandals and exposure of false benefactors and authorities are likely.

From the middle of May, the liberation spirit will subside, and from the end of May, in June, a tough reaction will follow. Summer Solstice on June 21, 2021 will reverse trends, including in financial markets; there will be a rollback back to the surrender of the achieved positions, the chances of winning back and re-approving which appear only from the end of July. Until October 20, everything moves so slowly, as if moving backward.

In the second half of July, well-known persons, spiritual and political leaders will be involved in dirty scandals, including corruption and espionage, and will lose confidence, which provokes another disorder and loss of control in early August; possible conflicts on religious grounds, black PR and precedents, emergency situations on the water. The first half of May, late July-early August and the last week of December provide maximum chances not only for freedom, but impunity and anarchy to manifest itself.

The end of July, August and September are dangerous with delusions, intrigues, manipulation of public opinion and simple, populist "recipes" that in fact will turn out to be provocations; there may be found an obvious but unlucky solution that will be revealed in October and will lead to falling into an even narrower gap between Scylla and Charybdis in the winter of 2021-2022. August-September with a peak in early September will uncover the problems with information security and hacker attacks, the information about the harmful properties of new technologies will leak out.

The year 2021 can be safely called the year of winds - a magical "space" wind, hurricanes, dusty political storms and strange fumes.

The wind of change will lead to transformation, but in some cases it will raise a storm, like a running bull raises clouds of dust, or it will turn into a merciless hurricane. The obvious division of society along leading values can lead to clashes, civil war, ugly experiments and conflicts associated with racial or ethnic hatred. Voluntaristic experiments with private property, bonds and state funds, and in some countries even with actual collectivization and expropriation are not excluded.

As for long-distance trips and foreign travel, in 2021, local tourism and virtual tourism, especially intellectual and cultural tourism, are developing more: 3D and panoramic photos, holograms, "streams" with visits to museums, viewing paintings, excursions to ancient defensive fortresses and other monuments of archaeological and architectural heritage. A previously unknown ancient civilization or artifact can be found that will enrich and rediscover the pages of history. Online training courses will gain even more popularity and recognition.

In fashion and art, individualism is valued, the spirit of freedom, including inspired by political trends and space futurism, as well as trends of the 1960s. Open loose robes, catchy colors, feathers are in fashion; the area of the neck and lower legs can be pretentiously emphasized, ethnics, handicrafts and unusual ornaments are appreciated.

Challenges and problems

The main problem will emerge where natural resources and human transforming activities intersect; at the junction of human capabilities (his body and intellectual abilities) and technical, innovation; on the border of the individual and society personal rights and freedoms and a new ethic of public transparency and openness, conscientiousness and security.

In essence, these are the problems of man and mankind of the New Age. Society will face the problem of preserving nature, which is little affected or already heavily damaged by economic detail, from aggressive, devastating use and salvation of the spiritual and cultural heritage from intolerance and materialism.

In 2021, the risk of pollution and devastation of territories and agricultural lands increases as a result of natural (environmental) and man-made disasters, dust storms and hurricanes, dam breakthroughs, damage from the introduction of technological innovations, depletion of soils and forests, climate change (melting of glaciers), falling livestock, crop failure and hunger, and even the fall of cosmic bodies. Interruptions in food and resources and the first need such as clean air and water are possible.

Tectonic activity is increasing, as a result of which an earthquake and the formation of faults can occur with all the ensuing consequences. Collapse of buildings, explosions and terrorist attacks by radical groups are possible. There will be a problem of providing humanitarian assistance to the affected regions, as well as migration from socially disadvantaged regions to other territories. In addition to the "explosive" January-February and June with its solar eclipse on the 10th and the planetary turns to retrograde motion near the solstice on June 21, the risks of emergency situations increase at the junction of May-June, from June 29 to July 9, from July 28 to August 8, at the end of September - early October, November 15-19 and late December.

Advice – honestly define your position, choose a team and like-minded people who are ready to share your true values and beliefs. The worst thing is to be in the role of a kind of unprincipled, two-faced Figaro, serving different masters and getting punches from both. It is important not to do to others what you do not consider acceptable in relation to yourself, because the theme of 2021 will be humanity.

P.S. In 2021-2022, the years will pass under the sign of Aquarius. It gives freedom and friendship, independence and unconventional views, humanistic ideals and values, freeing from "enslaving" attachments, and at worst giving rise to voluntarism, anarchy, coups and revolutions. 2018-2020 years were under the sign of Capricorn, which was fed up and crushed by the order. These were years of composure, responsibility and discipline that kept us in awe and tension, of which 2020 was the apotheosis. We had to hold our breath for a long time, and at the very beginning of 2021 we exhale sharply, generating the wind of freedom.

Aquarius transforms the old system in a new way, sometimes radically, completely destroying the one that is unable to change.

The deeper essence of Aquarius is to realize oneself in relationships with others, to make them more human, because the society consists of us. The real purpose of this sign is to overcome ignorance and separation.

A true revolution is about getting to know yourself and in gaining inner freedom, which accompanies inner spiritual growth. Otherwise, the initiated changes lead only to overturning the existing order.


Planetary Wind

This wind is so global and powerful that it may shake up your life and change the image of your little world. Even when you have the most uneasy times it is worth taking life with a grain of salt for it will clear things up itself. However, at the beginning it will remind a catchy conundrum that you will have to make sense of while going through that for several times. An unexpected and new opportunity for development requires an open-minded view and freedom of spirit. It is important for you to take your own track even if it is unusual and unbeaten. There will come the moment when your unique gush will enter the river of the New Times and you will see yourself a part of something big and significant. At first you will see it piecewise but later you will get the whole picture.

Keywords – drastic alterations, engagement, unusual way. 


Khamsin is able to boost everything while dusting one’s eyes, mouth and ears over with sand. On the days when Khamsin is blowing life conducts experiments giving us an incentive when we can change and try something sometimes acting at random. If you rush to set up experiments with your life, you may get something that you could not even imagine. Khamsin is able to exhaust one in a fight, devastate your occupation and make your get stuck in illusion, as well as stop the impending danger and a useless unnecessary battle. If you have lost your way it will just have to wait before the wind fails for getting out of cover during a dust-storm is a bad idea for you won’t be able to see anything but sand.

Keywords – life experiments, sudden changes, an unexpected surprise in a transformer pillar. 


Boreas is a strong and rough wind that brings long-awaited changes and conquers the most hard access peaks. When it takes shape of a muscled winged stallion that takes your toward adventures you can manage many things. However, sometimes we need to get back down to the ground realizing that all in good time. Boreas brings in trips, new opportunities for development, as well as the revision of former views. This is the wind of achievements and self-determination, the wind of natural manifestation. You will decide and realize the things that have been planned long time ago but you will do it differently. You may find your fairy grot which is a new home and lay the groundwork for something important. There is a probability that the major value of the new groundwork will be experience or knowledge. The number 7 will bring good luck.

Keywords – new peaks, natural manifestation, determination. 


Heavenly Vayu is an incarnation of prana which is a life-giving and severe strength of the world breath. Prosperous Vayu may bring you luck in your endeavors, give shelter and chase away enemies. Your will get a strong liberating impulse that will look like the help of the Universe. Remember it is profitable to be good and send the heavenly energy to virtuous actions.

Keywords – luck, breakthrough, liberation.

Contrary Vayu

Contrary Vayu is able to cause a storm turning its severe strength against you following the principle “what we fought for we ran into” and bringing haters and enemies, false guru, unkind bosses and a shot in the eye from kind people. Be careful when willing to do good or show up for it may work worse than usually.


This is a changeable wind that can blow out suddenly, causing a storm and damage to your ships, which will have to be docked for repairs. In other words, postpone or revise your plans. Be careful with promises and financial investments, because Eurus can easily weave you into dubious projects, make you a victim of illusions and deception, and if you still go sailing, confuse navigation maps and fill the sails with rumors and gossip, inflated after you.


This is an innocent and warm, light and pleasant breeze which is capable of bringing rains and storms. You can get carried away and chase after something, but it may turn out that this is not your game or that you are playing on the wrong side. Easy fun at first can turn into an unreasonable quest. You run the risk of being deceived in your expectations, dissipating force on unnecessary, or pursuing a false idea. It is important to monitor the direction of the wind and whether the end justifies the means. You should be afraid of unverified information, other people's manipulations and games.

Solar Wind

Solar wind is a child of the solar crown, which releases hidden forces and reserves in you, creates additional sources of energy and income. When it breaks through into your personal atmosphere, powerful and mysterious transformations of feelings, magnetic storms and auroras occur. The point is that you are a child of space weather; and for you, difficult times are new opportunities.

Bag of Aeolus Winds

You should not be impatient and open the bag of winds before the time, because they, having escaped from control, will carry you back or even no one knows where. But the second chance may not be presented. Therefore, it is important to be silent and keep what is valuable from the curiosity and encroachments of others, with whom friction and even legal disputes may arise.