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Forecast 2020

On the Threshold of a New Era

On the Threshold of a New Era

New 20-years cycle starts in the end of 2020 and a new information era comes into force. In 1980s, we observed its demo version along with tendencies towards freedom-equality-brotherhood, disarmament and reconciliation that was most clearly manifested in Perestroika in the Soviet Union and in the destruction of the Berlin Wall. In May 2000 the trend was interrupted to throw it back to the materialistic and oppressing paradigm. In 2021-2040, closer to the middle of the period, the New Era and the previous tendencies will come into full force.

The new cycle will bring changes in the minds and views of people on the world and on social structure, which will lead to the creation of a new ethical paradigm. This is reminiscent of the religious Reformation of 1517-1520, which marked the transition from feudal to capitalist relations and led to democratization, equality, and an increase in the level of education of society, which served as a guarantee of future economic progress, freeing man from unnecessary bonds. The new reformation is transforming society in terms of information and ethics, and these changes will become obvious not within hundreds of years but within decades. Its essence involves the views on the world as a common home and on the social structure as an equal and free system of relations.

However, this new reform fully changes our idea of freedom and privacy.

Another part of the reform involves the increased social responsibility, which will be monitored on the basis of information transparency based on the comprehensive adoption of new information technologies that transform the value system, mind, and lifestyle. There will be completely new professions and principles for organizing professional life, “smart cities” and the Internet of things will spread. All this together will form a mutually interpenetrative, interconnected and transparent world that brings us a different kind of fetters while being simultaneously illusory and more material than modern civilization.

Political and Economic Review

In 2020, a clearly directed conquest expansion will manifest itself. The leaders of that expansion will be the countries and corporations that possess all the necessary military resources and economic levers (USA). The “Big Game 2020” is focused on suppression and capture by force and economic measures, and its leaders are only pawns, which the power of capital and money stands behind. The merging of crime and elites, corruption in some countries will get to its high point. The attention of society can be switched to battle ground, terrorist and other large-scale threats. Once again human rights and freedoms can be even more severely restricted under the pretext of security.

From the end of 2020 and in 2021-22, a price hike on electricity and high-tech devices may begin. The world’s major factory (China) will face serious changes that may lead to the increase of the cost of goods in the 2020s and production decline. It may happen as a result of America’s trade wars with China and the further erosion of China’s political system. The crisis in global production may be caused by the transition to new energy carriers, more environmentally friendly technologies, and even by an intentionally unleashed war and planet scale events that are beyond control of people.

No matter how the ring of the old system shrinks in 2020, it will eventually open to transform and give way to a new system. The old materialistic paradigm will gradually die away, along with adept mammoths and the consolidated structures created by them. As a result, the conversion of “closed” regimes (Russia, China), and even the fall of the Golden Shield (the great Chinese firewall) can happen.

However, do not expect changes immediately for they will mature for another 5-10 years and

in the early 2020s, the world will be on the verge of crisis or war. In general, the 2020s look very tense and conflicting.

The Year of 2020

The year of 2020 does not have a compassionate and merciful character and inclines to an active and aggressive struggle for a place under the Sun, which will intensify in spring and autumn. March and April awaken militancy while August-October cause the greatest amount of disagreement and opposition to quite peaceful and good initiatives. At the end of 2020 – the beginning of 2021, when the new 20-year cycle starts the transformation of social relations there is a possibility of revolutions and riots that will take on a fierce and spontaneous character in 2021-2022.

In 2020, closer to 2021, the foundation is laid for something that will determine the whole future scenario for 20 years ahead in the world and accordingly in everyone’s individual life.

When thinking of the future, it is worth setting the main goals for 5-10 years. It will be of paramount importance and relate to children, the results of your work and the entire axis of your development.

The year will make fundamental changes in public and private life and will be marked by turning points. First, you can’t discern the full extent of what is happening, the grandeur of which will be clearly visible several years later when looking at the past. The most significant changes in individual life will be related to the status, social position, professional realization and life goals, as well as the future fate of your descendants and heritage. The key role will be played by bosses, censors, business partners, older and more experienced people with legal status and authority.

In 2020, especially in August-October, there will be a lot of protests and the fight against the system, which tends to “strangle and pinch” exactly before its collapse.

It will lead to outbreaks of violence, natural riots, bloodshed, and even such actions as attempts on life of leaders and desperate suicidal acts such as terrorist acts, hunger strike, self-immolation. Also, the beginning of 2020 will have some parallels with the beginning of the First World War, with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

In the worst case, the events of 2020 will initiate the unstable and warlike years of 2020, when society will be on the brink of war or crisis.

After 2012 without reaching its peak, the old and stagnant system will begin to slowly collapse, making the coming years very fierce and conflicting.

The pioneers and leaders of 2020 are either tough dictators and occupation regimes that are ready to crush everyone and stop at nothing to satisfy their ambitions, or ascetics, martyrs and ideological fighters, devoted to some idea up to sacrifice, no matter how far and unattainable their ideal may seem to us now. 2020 teaches you to identify your position and be responsible for it. It is recommended that you take your decisions and responsibilities seriously, as the consequences for your social status and reputation will not be slow in coming.

2020 gives rise to aspiration for the future with distant and not always commercial goals. Interestingly, caring for the future and future generations may become a fix idea in 2020 and subsequent years.

It will find vent in the new philosophy and the new movement, pushing us to use the resources that the Earth gives us more practically and carefully. Also in 2020, we get more concern about new threats such as new viruses that are dangerous for the human genome, melting glaciers, hunger and a lack of resources, the impossibility of 100% waste disposal, problems of prolonged life and immortality. They can invent cancer drugs, ways to grow teeth, and suggested remedies allowing people to live longer. These new achievements and puzzles of a more global scale pose a dilemma for humanity.

2020 brings a test for all of humanity such as the danger of disasters or regional problems that will affect countries, continents and involve large masses of people. Individual fate, more than ever, depends on the state, government or even one leader whose events in life will affect everyone, ready and not ready to share his fate.

Advice of the year: Carefully consider what you get into, since there is a chance to share the fate of the society, company or leader to whom you give power over yourself.

Participating in some activity or collaborating with a certain group of people, you choose one fate for all, which may turn out to be both a blessing and a punishment.


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