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January 22, 2023 · 11 min read

Forecast 2023

Rabbit and Kali Maa

To eat or not to eat?
Looking for the lost harmony
Dark side of the Moon

A furry animal has a big soul and a chequered story: deciding to sacrifice itself, it offered itself as a dinner, in gratitude for which he was raised to the Moon.

A cute animal that seems harmless and friendly has an anxious character and a winding fate, therefore, with the outwardly peaceful orientation of 2023, there is a tendency for secret collusions at the highest levels, unofficial agreements and the establishment of new orders in the shadow structures and the underworld. It has an internal conflict, coupled with multi-paths, tricky forks and undercurrents as deep and tangled as a rabbit hole. The diplomacy of 2023 is such that they can both give in and stick a knife in the back; while much is decided behind the scenes.

In March, and especially at the end of July-August and in December, an incident or a series of incidents that are the links of one chain are possible, and it will break through where it is thin. Dubious or far-fetched pretexts may be put forward to give rise to interference and aggression. High-profile assassination attempts and deaths, attempted coups d'état and purges of elites, subversive activities of fanatics, inadequate personalities, secret and underground organizations are possible. A sharp deterioration in health and the departure from the stage of the leaders of nations can affect the political climate. The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it – some prominent “rabbit” should be caught in a cunning trap and eaten, in order to then be raised to the Moon as a hero.

2023-2024 are the last years of transition before the start of the next cycle, which will put the world on a new track.

They are characterized by disengagement, separatism, internal and underlying conflicts, anguish and rollback of globalization. The borders of countries and commonwealths can “float” and move. Since March, the bearing supports of the existing system will be washed away; years later, it must change, but at first it may lose ground and become too out of touch with reality. This leads to problems in well-coordinated functioning, a crisis and the subsequent decline of seemingly unshakable regimes that will carry out covert repressions, although outwardly they are ready to back-pedal.


Until mid-March, we are living the consequences of a difficult, devastating autumn-winter 2022. In the spring of 2023, we will see big changes, for as many as three planets change signs, taking up new positions. Spring will dispel the illusions that miraculously have survived and consolidate the clear feeling that the Rubicon has been crossed, but it will give chances to reach a compromise in conflict zones. A larger player has more chances to subdue a weaker one by asserting its claims in the 2nd half of the year. Not all participants will be satisfied with the agreements (years later they will be destined to be replayed), and the conflict runs the risk of “hanging”, but will not end, therefore, it is highly likely that in 2023 there will be passive or covert resistance; guerrilla, subversive warfare and terrorist attacks will be carried out, instead of direct and military actions(!). From the end of July, in August-September 2023, an agreed partition, the partitioning of some territory or biting off a piece of the “tasty pie” may take place.

July-August is the most difficult, turning point of 2023, when a serious “wheelspin”, a political or economic anguish, aggravated by procrastination or the desire to sweep it under the rug, can occur. Summer and a part of September will turn out to be spectacular, warlike and hot: all eyes will be attracted to the fate of heads of state, celebrities or ongoing rescue activities. Summer can become a time of unfair competition and scandals in royal houses, high-profile divorces with the division of property.

Spirit of the Year

2023 will give structure and shape to ideas, but will dispel too rosy plans. It is worth devoting your time to an activity that causes deep inner satisfaction, even if it is not on display or is just being prepared and shaped into something real.

The year sets us up to work on something internal, hidden, intimate or still “raw” (something like a draft), which gradually but steadily begins to crystallize and structure.

Thus, schematically outlined plans will take on more pronounced outlines.

2023 will give rise to many fears and manias, conspiracy theories and the rise of secret societies. At the same time, everything secret becomes clear: crimes or numerous abuses can be revealed and their long rabbit ears will stick out from different places.

In 2023, there is a trend towards inner life, into religion or spirituality in search of truth and lost harmony of the world. Traditional values are cherished, but the radicalism of conservative movements tends to worsen. In the best case, there will be a return to the roots as an attempt to find support in the unsteady world and form a system based on it, in the worst case, chauvinistic tendencies will be fostered, creating the ground for religious, national, racial conflict and genocide.

2023 does not tolerate a superficial, frivolous attitude and unwillingness to dive into the exploration of the depths. The year is good for creative flight and boldness, but to get strength and ideas you will have to dive deep into yourself. Relatives from afar may suddenly come to someone, or long-awaited meetings will take place. Others will branch out on their own, relocate or have a long-distance trip.


From mid-May 2023, the focus is shifting to pressing food and resource problems and energy supply. There will be a boom in industries related to resources, minerals and metals. The trend could be a return to protectionist policies; more nationalist and conservative-minded players will enter the arena.

In 2023, a general regression is expected from July, that may result in energy and food crisis, as well as raise of prices and taxes (especially on luxury goods).

In August, financial and economic problems will loudly and lingeringly sound the alarm – a long-term shortage of something, some acute economic and political problem or a stalled reform will declare itself.

An acute phase of the economic crisis is possible: the collapse of markets, the collapse of the financial bubble. Deteriorating economic conditions coupled with unpopular measures will lead to discontent, strikes and riots.

In 2023, gigantic scams, fraud like financial pyramids, including cryptocurrency and NFT, corruption and bypass schemes with insurance and pension contributions are not ruled out. Since September, the gradual collapse of the cryptocurrency market and the onset of “winter” on it until 2025 cannot be ruled out. It cannot be said that the investment climate in 2023 will be rosy; rather, the trend towards the creation of rescue bridgeheads and alternate airfields will prevail. 2023 contributes to the withdrawal and concealment of finances, the laundering of secret income. But at the same time, the risk of fraud and unfair competition increases, so abuses and corruption in power can be revealed and large compromising materials can be leaked.


The year favours stable, long-term, but not necessarily official relations, with the help of which you can improve your financial situation and increase your social status; however, relationships can be tested by separation or temptations. Summer will arouse many romantic, but also illicit passions, the sad result of which can be scandals with pulling out “dirty laundry” and heart-breaking partings with the division of acquired property.

The best thing that can be done in family life is to transfer romance from the external (extra-family) to the internal (intra-family) sphere or direct it to travel, creative activity and the development of children.

The decisive role will be played by the factor of children and grandchildren: their birth, their needs and the ambitious expectations of their parents associated with them.


2023 and 2024 are dangerous due to pollution on the subtle plane (subtle bodies) or on the micro level (physical body) through microplastics and other microparticles that enter the body indirectly through water, fish, medicines and even invisible radiation. Pollution at the mental level can occur through sedatives and unresolved internal problems, fears. Neuroses, chronic, latent and hard-to-diagnose diseases can come out. Some of the drugs, sedatives, painkillers, and soft drugs can be cultivated as a safe or lesser evil. They may even be legalized, creating yet another kind of addiction or indirect problem, such as the burning of patches of evergreen forest for hemp crops, for example. It is possible that a start will be made to debunk the myths regarding pharmacology and vaccination (which will become more obvious in 2025-26). Problems with bones (arthritis, rheumatism), heart (strokes, heart attacks), liver and digestion are possible, especially in summer. The result of the passions of summer can be venereal diseases and unplanned pregnancies. In 2023, it is good to get rid of toxins, bad habits, purify and fast, stabilize the psyche and inner world.


In 2023, the focus remains on the climate issues and the devastating impact on wildlife. Mysterious extinction of species, loss of forests and habitats, and ocean pollution are likely. The summer may be dry, which will affect the harvest and prices, accidents related to places of recreation are possible. In 2023, the constructions in the ocean and sea such as dams, reservoirs, coral reefs, alluvial areas and lighthouses are at risk. There is a possibility of such emergencies as floods, earthquakes, landslides (April 3-13, August 25 – September 7, October 3-18, December 29 –January 9, 2024) and droughts, fires, plane crashes, hurricanes (May 16 – July 10, July 30 – August 25). Natural disasters, especially in August, can seriously affect the financial and economic infrastructure. There is a possibility of food poisoning and food shortages, chemical attacks, battles for the railroads, terrorist attacks on trains, subways, drainage systems, sewers and accidents on the transport arteries associated with shipping.

All the Rest

The year of 2023 is able to mark a new milestone in philosophy and science (including microbiology and economics) by introducing ideas comparable in importance to the ideas of Malevich and the theories of Einstein. We can expect revolutionary discoveries regarding space and ways to explore it. A boom in the music industry and interesting archaeological finds are possible. The year favours history, archaeology, yoga, esotericism and abstract art.

Attention in 2023 will be given to wildlife, penitentiary and medical systems, as well as places of isolation of people: camps, prisons, captivity, hospitals and mental hospitals; aspects relating to the death penalty, torture, the maintenance of prisoners, captives, the sick and the mentally ill, the destitutes, migrants and refugees will be revised. It will present new opportunities to people with disabilities. However, 2023, one way or another, may deprive women of freedoms, rights, or affect in other aspects; children are at risk especially from the end of July to September.

Advise: The year will be psychologically difficult if you desperately cling to the pillars of the collapsed world and familiar reality that have gone. In 2023, we will have to build a different system of values based on flexible and movable supports, relying on our inner vision.



The mistress of the year, dark blue, cold and stern Kalika comes to you. Her appearance should be taken seriously, because it contributes to the repayment of debts, the realization of karma, the opening of the ice of lies and the resolution of disputes and seemingly insoluble situations. In a word, Kalika appears to give you a life lesson and, in addition, to deprive you of something, for which you will be grateful later. In Her hands is Pandora's box, because the purpose of Her gifts is not so much to please as to teach, so take a closer look at the promising “gifts” of Fate. You will face an important choice and an increase in responsibility. Kalika patronizes those who take their duties seriously and follow the predestined path. As preventive measures, it is proposed to do good deeds and provide charity. It is worth to take a retreat, prefer solitude while getting rid of unnecessary things. Well, if you have been thinking about doing something for a long time or, finally, taking on difficult tasks (such as repairs), then all that remains is to thank. Kalika’s visit contributes to the resolution of difficult and problematic situations, but requires certain sacrifices. But it will help you prioritize and understand what really matters. It is worth saying a firm “no” to bad habits and excesses while realizing life lessons and reconciling with losses. Cleansing of toxins, fasting, asceticism, proper regimen, exercise, prevention of blood diseases, foot diseases and diabetes are beneficial.


You will be filled with Shakti which is the primordial, all-pervading and creative energy of the Universe, which at times tends to become destructive, because creation and destruction are two inseparable aspects of being. It tends to manifest itself intensely in order to clear your path and help you to resist enemies and adversity but you will have the strength to cope with most challenges. The period when Shakti is visiting gives an opportunity to feel the inner strength and expand the sphere of influence. It can be a good start or quite a stable continuation while providing new opportunities for learning, professional growth and advancement particularly through an alliance or partnership. You can successfully complete an already started project or get married. The power of Shakti allows you to survive the storm in the ocean of life, but it is important not to waste energy and not to cast pearls before swine that will grunt enviously while your caravan is moving. Nevertheless, the powerful energy of Shakti allows you to deal with different tasks in various areas of activity, so the period will be quite fruitful in creativity and other aspects. You will have valuable purchases and acquisitions, while receiving gifts or inheritance; a long journey is possible. It is important to focus on the results and turning them into a finished and saleable product. It is worth paying attention to the physical body, liver and proper nutrition.


A very-very black Rabbit jumps into your window. Its main concern is bread-and-butter, feeding offspring and material and financial affairs. In a word, the priority of the fluffy beast is green bucks and crispy leaves. The Rabbit is horny and much concerned about procreation, as well as about the future of his offspring. You will have to fuss and move a lot: in better times, to jump from one lawn to another, where the grass is greener; while in difficult times to save yourself or some of your belongings. Time will either stretch or tighten. The Rabbit will bring gifts: purchases of things, gadgets, vehicles, as well as many creative ideas and plans which can get an unexpected continuation to your surprise. To be on the safe side, it is worth to prepare for all sorts of surprises and changes: you should save up and stock up for autumn and winter, save for something really worthwhile or at least for a rainy day. You should not count on luck and participate in dubious projects. Whatever looks promising or what somebody pompously gives prospects of, may not happen at all or get postponed until later. It is worth paying attention to nutrition and diet, as well as to the liver, throat and thyroid gland, while giving preference to greens and vegetarian food. Mobility, sports and a healthy diet are very beneficial for you in order to be agile and playful, because you will not avoid jumping or even moving from one place to another.


Raktakali is coming to visit you. Fiery and venusian in nature, She is dynamic, pulsating, passionate and jealous, as well as unpredictable. Raktakali will make this period bright and exciting, while promising strong impressions and memorable experience, passionate feelings and interesting hobbies, ups and downs in love and finance. She spurs the spirit of competition and rivalry, escalates the struggle for a place in the sun, and stimulates new achievements and accomplishments that may concern both you and your children. However, there is a risk of encountering envy and malicious actions of others and worrying for children. You should not invest in costly bloated projects and act recklessly, otherwise you risk to get a knock. Whether you're starting a business or planning a major purchase, it's important to weigh all pros and cons and not invest too much at first. Those who are single have a chance to meet their love on vacation, at a vernissage or at significant event, while those who already have a soulmate may get carried away with a new hobby, or go too far with flirting. Due to the fiery and passionate nature of Raktakali, it is easy to fall into illicit hobbies and extramarital affairs which may later echo and even haunt you. You may keep your nature under control by practicing proper breathing and running. It is worth to follow the path of the heart and generosity, while transforming the lower impulses of your nature to a higher level and avoiding an empty boasting. Raktakali increases enthusiasm and creativity and promotes self-improvement, while allowing you to develop a noble heart and become a little or even a lot better. In terms of health, the heart and liver are most vulnerable, pressure surges are also possible.


You have to rest in a cradle and doze on the rings of a thousand-headed serpent in the ocean of social upheavals like Vishnu between yugas. This does not mean that nothing is happening, it's just that everything is in your favour and goes along the beaten track. However, the Goddess Yoganidra will come to wake and stir you up in order for you to accomplish a feat or a breakthrough. New plans will suddenly arise, you will fit into a collective project or join an association because like-minded people or the community will need you. You may have to adapt to changed conditions, circumstances or to a new society, while looking for a place in the sun. There is a chance that you may face an obstacle preventing your plans from coming true, which must be eliminated or even destroyed. You will have to accept the challenge, solve the riddle or you will be assigned a socially important task. But beware of getting a Pandora's box, or an untested Trojan horse as a gift from “good” friends. A seed of the future you plant now will turn out to be the first stage of something big, that will be consistently implemented in 2024-2025. After the breakthrough, you will fall into a dream again to gain strength for new deeds. Everything returns to its usual track, and the satisfied Goddess goes back home. The period of Yoganidra’s visit provides an opportunity to experience a new type of energy and to set a new trend. Your fundamental change comes through transformation and destruction, when everything old and time-worn including stereotypes of thinking and social advancement, must be discarded.