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April 6, 2022 · 9 min read

Forecast 2022-2033

Fate and Prospects of Five Countries

Russia, USA, Ukraine, China, India

The coming decade is destined to change the usual face of the world. While we are mesmerized by a terrifying show, behind the scenes of the first unfolding pandemic, and then the military "theater", patiently, shifting from foot to foot, the New World Order is waiting.

What should happen in the New Age?

We have come close to the political and economic redistribution of the world. After World War II, the liberalism with its values ​​of individualism proved to be the most enduring, prevailing over the ideologies of fascism/Nazism and communism. Moreover, the USSR collapsed during a “demo version” of the New Age of Air (1981-2000), without giving birth to any worthy idea after itself. In the coming era, what in the “demo version” took only tentative and immature steps, may come true, but the problems of the former Soviet republics and the border conflicts of 1991-1994 may also return along with threats of nuclear strikes and other catastrophes. With each new era in the society of Earthmen the ideology and the precious resource change. The Age of Air 2020-2159 is based on non-material values, and its main resources are information, freedom, air and transparency.

The current dominant ideology of liberalism has two main paths to a "bright" future – virtualization and colonization of other planets. Here the leading role belongs to the ideas of transhumanism with a complete retreat into the virtual space (which is still hindered by the dependence of life on the physical body). These ideas will develop further into the New Era, but over time, an alternative and a different ideological “pole” may appear. A new ideology can mature, as if in a flask, in isolation and develop "in spite of". The illusory idea of ​​community on new principles was still in the air in the 1920s and 1930s among emigrants from the Russian Empire who fled from the revolution, but it was too early for it to materialize. Now, on a new round, it can take shape and mature as the idea of ​​uniting a part of the Eurasian or other society, peoples and lands on other non-material principles. In this case, in the New Age, the US and its friendly bloc will be forced to slightly make room, moderating their omnipresent power. However, it is possible that the next 20 years will embody many revolutionary, dystopian and totalitarian social constructs, like social anthills.

The surviving regimes and ideologies are about to come together in a decisive battle before fixing a new world order. This is dangerous, because the United States and its bloc do not want to lose their dominant positions in order to keep China out, maintaining the fire of war “to the last Ukrainian” and at the same time suffocating Russia as an aggressor, while Russia in its current form has practically nothing to lose and almost nothing to offer. This problem later runs the risk of developing into a global conflict, igniting other hotbeds around Russia and drawing more and more new participants into a “black hole” and worsening the climate in the neighborhood; others will also actively begin to bite off tidbits from the world's pizza. We hoped to avoid war in the 21st century, but the history of mankind repeats the same mistakes. Ahead of us there is the 3rd key event. Although the climate crisis is more likely to happen later, in the early 2030s.

Preparatory maneuvers by the main players have already been carried out: Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, the termination of the agreement between Australia and France on the supply of warships, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan so as not to scatter forces. Countries entered into new alliances and regrouped forces, and Ukraine became a hostage to a situation that had been brewing for many years – a “bargaining chip”. It is convenient for one who is far away to kindle the ardor of both opponents. One of the strategic tasks of the United States is to prevent the rise not of Russia, but of China. Autumn 2022 will turn out to be a kind of trigger and may become a Rubicon for many countries at once.

Fighting with someone, we are at war with ourselves, and wars “forgotten” by generations return in a new form, accumulating the suffering of mankind that should become more conscious and solve common problems together, although at the moment the development of technology is ahead of the development of awareness of individual souls in speed.

As we wrote in the Forecast, “In 2022, it is important, without becoming blind and fanatical adherent of one side and not accepting either side as the ultimate truth, to see reality in all its deep and amazing diversity recognizing that each side has its own truth".

Five Main Powers

  • Now in the natal chart of Russia we can see the struggle for the preservation and retention of territories (in the understanding of its leadership). Recently, Russia has made its choice, crossing the Rubicon and indicating the direction in which everything will develop; it’s fate is being decided right now, the next turning zigzags are April-May and October-November 2022. In the worst case, the current “special operation” may drag on until the fall of 2023 and have further consequences. From autumn 2022 to spring 2023, it is a critical moment when terrorist attacks and subversive actions are likely in Russia and on its borders. Meanwhile, nationalization, purge of elites, tightening of financial control, and “cold pressing” of savings are also possible. This is a harsh time for leaders, first and foremost persons of states, meanwhile residents will have to tighten their belts. In 2026 in the chart of Russia a new period will start (if a new state is not proclaimed by this time). Since then Russia will live in new realities, under the control of active and militant Mars and Pluto, which can symbolize the military and industrial structure, the nationalization of enterprises and the militarization of the economy with peak in 2026-2028. The emphasis will be placed more on the development of resource potential and the military-industrial complex rather than on the development of high technologies. As an option, one sees the division and development of spaces by large corporations, not necessarily Western and not necessarily forced. For example, a completely planned and profitable development by friendly China may occur. Anti-utopian realities in conditions of isolation, extreme and extremist manifestations are not excluded.

    Revolutionary tendencies can also take place, especially in the period from summer 2023 to summer 2024, when Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius (the first passage of Pluto is in spring-summer 2023, then from 2024 he resides there permanently till 2043) and in the summer of 2026-summer 2027, when it will make a loop around the Moon of Russia. However, this risk developing into a senseless and merciless rebellion, after which the military can seize power, forming something like a junta or even a foreign military occupation. The mummy in the Mausoleum can be replaced (the Mausoleum could be even destroyed but restored later). In the worst case, during the conflict of 2026-27 there is a risk of use of the latest types of weapons of mass destruction. Life-giving trends will come into force from the 2030s. Although, for something new to be born on the territory of the former Russian Empire – a new saving idea or ideology – everything old must die.

  • In the USA chart, as well as in the charts of Russia and China, from mid-2021 to 2024 with a peak from November 2022 to summer 2023 there is a significant period when they implement their behind-the-scenes international program from afar or indirectly. In 2023-24, unforeseen events related to leaders and a somewhat extreme race for the presidency are possible, and someone will be desperately trying to prevent. In this period, USA can make a breakthrough in the development of the latest types of weapons and advanced technologies, and that will allow them to take a more active and direct part in one or more military conflicts, possibly already in the summer-autumn of 2023. From 2024 to spring 2026, with a peak in the first half of 2025, the United States may “leave” an ally or risk quarreling with partners, somehow aggravating relations or provoking a conflict. Military operations or interventions in a military conflict take place in 2024-2026 with a peak in the second half of 2025 and in 2026. 2026-2027 bring revolutionary changes and upheavals similar and comparable in importance to American Civil War between “the North” and “the South” and the entry of the United States into World War II; something extraordinary might happen. Notice that each time the United States managed to resolve problems, getting off relatively lightly, quickly recovering and, ultimately, turning the crisis to its advantage. Countries that have traditionally accumulated gold and foreign exchange reserves may not fully understand the "game of the United States", which are able to transform beyond recognition and present surprises to everyone.

  • The current president of Ukraine came in significant configurations for the country and became a symbolic and even fatal figure in its fate, able to fully identify with the country and people in the hour of trials, but can lead it both to rebirth and to death. The "black streak" that began in November 2021 has two peaks: from autumn 2022 to spring 2023 and from autumn 2024 to spring 2025. Beginning the fall of 2023, the situation will become more complicated. In 2025, a new period begins for Ukraine, when there is a threat to territorial integrity and division. It can be noted that 2026-2027 are turning and decisive years, when Ukraine may again be the arena of world events or it itself will undergo an active restructuring. However, Ukraine can become the stumbling block from which everything starts and where everything ends.

  • In the silence of its “pond” China hides great ambitions, which will become apparent already in 2022, especially in the fall of 2022 and in 2023, expressed in active actions, claims and expansion, whetting appetites, and vigorous development of the new “virgin lands”. In 2023, especially in summer-autumn, China will have to go through a deсisive but difficult moment when its reputation and position can deteriorate and be under attack; it may become a hostage to its politics or fall into a set trap. At the same time, it can get away with an impudent and arrogant behavior from August 2022 to July 2023. In 2021-2023 with the peaks in spring 2022 and from November 2022 to February 2023 China is setting new priorities and the direction of a long-term strategy in international politics, making important choices. At the heart of his pacifying friendliness is calculation. China's chart lacks the courage to carry out overt military expansion and "long-armed" ubiquitous US-style hegemony – that's just not its style. In 2026-28 China, perhaps even not being a direct participant in the main "turmoil" and military showdowns, may still experience economic difficulties due to the situation in the world and even due to sanctions, although due to the development of new spaces and markets (including Russian) it is able to solve these problems to some extent. Although, the situation of 2026-2027 is such that China is unlikely able to stay fully aside and may enter into an open confrontation, for example with the USA, or even into an international conflict. In 2031-2033, when the main players weaken, China will decide on a comprehensive and outright expansion while pursuing its strategic goals and solving its economic problems.

  • In the coming years, India will experience many changes and transformations, reconsider its place in the world and self-identification. From the autumn of 2022, a new period begins in the chart of India, the subsequent years of which may turn out to be unstable and conflict. From the summer of 2023, alternately flashing chaotic centers of unrest within the country or on its borders are not excluded. In the worst case, India will experience all the hardships caused by international conflict, conservatively caring about the preservation and retention of its territories in 2025-2027. However, India is no stranger to it, and it can solve its problems as they become available, even playing ahead of the curve, opening up new opportunities and benefiting in 2028-2032. However, in 2032-2034 it will have to respond to military aggression and defend its unity and integrity, border conflicts are possible and it is possible that in these years India will have to face China.