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December 7, 2023 · 14 min read

Forecast 2024

Your Alchemic Odyssey

A community, comfortably settled down under a sprawling Tree of Knowledge with songbirds, listens attentively to the storyteller. He, mastering the language of animals and birds, translates their chirping to them. However, the spreading crown and trunk are only visible parts of the tree; while its inherent shadow is an emanation of the subtler world from where we draw true knowledge.

The path of the immortals is to join the Dragon with the Serpent, which will enchant the Dragon with her magical charms and glaring scales. When the Dragon kindles the special inner fire by the power of his prana-breath, the Green Dragon or the Philosophers’ Gold will be born.

* * *

From January 2024 to spring 2026, the three farthest planets, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, as well as the planet of fate, Saturn, change their signs. In May-June 2023, Pluto entered Aquarius for a couple of months, while arousing chaotic and revolutionary spirit. On 21 January 2024, at the same time as the Sun enters Aquarius(!), Pluto’s second and more powerful wave (until 1 September 2024) rolls onto, whilst opening the Aquarius boundary and amplifying everything associated with this freedom-loving sign, and voluntaristic and irreconcilable trends to a greater extent. Almost immediately active and irreversible processes associated with the crisis of governance systems, the destruction of the old way of life and the struggle against injustice in the world may begin, promising challenges and trials for humanity.

In fact, in 2024-2026 we will pass the point of singularity (discontinuity) and “destructive” degrees similar to the burnt path of the Ophiuchus or the Serpent Bearer (“via combusta”), during which the purification of the world and reorganisation of society in one or another form will take place.

How acute and multi-headed crisis awaits us in 2026-2028 and to what extent it will shake the world upside down, while drawing more and more new participants into a whirlpool, largely depends on the political events of 2024. Figuratively speaking, the society first will be doused with dead water from the vessel of Aquarius and only then with live-giving water, for the reviving trends will come into effect in 2029. Aquarius as a sign of separation promises a struggle of multidirectional tendencies—its task is to distribute access and control over available resources—not only over natural resources, but also intangible resources—in a new way and on different terms, while reformatting and overturning the existing system of governance and hierarchy in society.


2024 can be safely called the year of transmutation and wisdom, for it will revive interest in spiritual, ancient and traditional teachings, while also increasing the value of real knowledge.

The themes of the year will be communication and cooperation, dissemination of information and knowledge. It is important to share useful skills and expertise, while observing safety precautions—to transfer valuable information and spiritual treasures to those who are able to appreciate them!

Public interest in the “Jet-Gurus” with their bloated authority and express courses that have proliferated in recent years will decrease significantly.

The year will increase the craving for secret knowledge and practices—esotericism, mediumship, shamanism, tantra, everything secret and unknown: contacts with otherworldly forces or extra-terrestrial civilisations and conspiracy theories. As in 2023 we can expect important archaeological discoveries, forcing us to re-evaluate and take a different look at the past and our ancestors. Mankind will strive to shed light on the hidden and get to the bottom of things, including by exploring the depths and mysteries of the ocean and space.

In 2024 there is a tendency of movement towards peace and harmony, but based on the right of the strong and with arms in hand. It also causes the rise of national liberation movements, but a war will be fought for liberation. At its worst, this year can wreak havoc by disrupting established communications and connections.

In 2024, we will see rivalry between two big ways-roads, several alternatives or communication systems that may look like twin brothers—the “tenderers” will be subversive against each other. Transport links and supply chains may be disrupted, while energy prices may rise.

In the second half of the year, with peaks in August and December, an acute political or governmental crisis is possible. Division of people by views and beliefs, a split within members of one community due to adherence to different leaders and parties with their agendas can escalate into armed clashes. Strikes, protests and demonstrations are likely.

In 2024 we will face two solar eclipses in April and October. In the orb of the eclipse on 8 April (plus and minus a month and a half) there is a high risk of escalation of hostilities. The eclipse on 2 October will prove difficult for international law, peace agreements and partnerships; there may be legal or electoral precedent.

In 2024, we should be more ethical and vigilant in relation to all experiments and scientific discoveries, including those for the sake of freedom of expression and self-identification. Technology and gadgets that bring new transformational possibilities for human nature can simultaneously make us less humane and more addicted. Something evil may become institutionalised, like 84 years ago when the concentration camps were institutionalised.

We cannot rule out major “advancements” in the modernisation of agriculture and its products: in some regions the transition from livestock farming to insects will be actively implemented. In 2024, new types of weapons may be invented and used.

Positive developments and interesting discoveries are possible in the fields of medicine, chemistry and arts including visualisation, cinema, fine arts, acoustics and sound recording.

The most challenging months are April, August, October and December. Important undertakings should be planned for the first term; the second half of the year is less stable in the socio-economic-political sense. For many of us, 2024 will bring trips, journeys and travelling, while allowing us to try ourselves in new conditions and setting.

The year 2024 possesses an amazing reflectory ability and, at its best, will help us to develop an open-mindedness and impartiality—while mirroring situations and confronting us with distorted projections of our own preconceived thinking or subjectivity.

At worst, the second half of the year can bring discord with relatives, neighbours and acquaintances, or a split in the ideological community or interest group. September and October will be difficult for partnerships.

Politics-economics and related risks

In the first half of 2024, “truth” is on the side of the strong. Spring with a peak in the second half of April and the first half of May will be the culmination of someone’s offensive operation: it may be the suppression of resistance and the fight against terrorists. In the second half of the year, the opposition will gain ground: there will be an increase in revanchist sentiments and radical groups that may decide to go on board. Resistance will arise in defeated or captured territories. Serious criticism of the authorities and government will undermine the foundations of the existing regimes, the military may come to power in some places. Repartition of territories, state structure and borders is possible.

In the second half of 2024, with peaks from mid-July to mid-September and from mid-November to mid-January 2025, a sudden and acute political crisis will emerge, which will manifest itself in different ways everywhere: a crisis of the political system and its capacity, a conflict between the legislative and executive powers, a crisis of confidence in the government.

It will take place in several stages, threatening to go into military form in August 2024 and in the winter of 2024-2025. It can be either a crisis and a split within the government itself (e.g. between the president/king, prime minister and parliament) or a split between leaders in political unions and alliances over agenda and programme of action; incidents with leaders and heads of state are likely. At the local level, it may involve the use of force to seize power, the removal of statesmen and prominent figures, fierce competition, major resignations and showdowns with political opponents, military coups and coups d’état. As a result, 2024, especially its second half(!) may turn out to be a period of quite important fights and political battles, suppression of opponents and military foes.

In August and December we can expect serious criticism and dissatisfaction with the decisions and actions of the authorities. A major corruption, media or spy scandal is possible in order to smear political figures and high-profile individuals. In 2024, a desperate information war will be waged with all its disinformation: intrigue, slander, defamation, deep-fakes, blackmail and frame-ups. In some countries, it will be associated with difficult elections or a race for the presidency and it is possible that something will suddenly happen to its leaders in the process.

In some places, freedom of speech will be stifled by eliminating independent sources of information; in others, disinformation and fake news will lead to unrest and disruption of the state system, followed by the collapse of unshakable authorities. August-September and November-December carry risks for free press professionals and people’s tribunes—honest fighters against surveillance and total control. However, the tendency to expose “enemy agents” and potential traitors will increase as a counteraction.

In 2024, the problem of labour migration—jobs and adaptation of refugees—will become more acute. Strikes of teachers, transport, communication and IT employees are likely. The second half of the year may bring tougher tax laws or business conditions, especially for small businesses. The policy of double standards and economic sanctions (actually aimed at forcing certain players out of the market) will hit the instigators like a double-edged sword. Tough measures will be taken to combat shadow income, digital piracy, cybercrimes, and free economic platforms: off-shores, crypto exchanges, etc. The first to be targeted will be those who are overconfident, dishonest or playing “dirty”.

In 2024, all communication routes, railway, transport, transfer and internet hubs, bridges, pipelines, cables and information channels are vulnerable. In the second half of the year, with peaks in August and December, events could make travel and mobility more difficult or costly, clog up or pollute transport or other arteries, disrupt or break infrastructure, logistical and communication systems. Battles will be fought over communication routes, highways and freight flows, Internet and mobile platforms.

In 2024, the problem of pollution and traffic jams, air purity and transparency, river purification and sewage filtration will become more acute. 2023-2025 are the years of resistant mutations of viruses and bacteria, “mysterious” diseases affecting the respiratory tract or causing strange poisonings and hallucinations. Long-dormant infections may awaken, particularly due to melting glaciers, and mysterious plant diseases and unusual insect infestations may damage crops. The most likely natural disasters are floods, inundations, water and harbour accidents, pollution of sea currents, rivers and transport arteries, as well as eruptions and earthquakes. In addition to “subtle” contamination concerning the psychological aspect (fears and mania) and microplastics, the risk of information and sound pollution is high.

In 2024, the fight for the rights of women, disadvantaged groups and minorities, refugees and illegal migrants will continue, as will the trend towards the legalisation of narcotic substances, for 2023-2025 is characterised by a tendency to bring things considered obscene and illegal within the bounds of decency and law. Laws concerning publicity, freedom of speech and prisons, including the death penalty, will change. Educational reforms are likely: changes in approaches to testing and in primary school curricula, as well as in the very approach to security in educational institutions.

2024 will open the veil of secret knowledge, presenting the world with new opportunities. It is expected to change not only the political backdrop and decorations, but also the transformation of the process of cognition and information delivery. The year will bring new insights into the depths of space and the ocean, black and other holes, the limitless abilities of AI and services such as ChatGPT, but it will also forge a new deep layer of problems, opening yet one more “portal” into the unknown or the abyss. Information about extra-terrestrial civilisations and classified contacts with them may surface.

Advice of the year

In 2024, you don’t need to be on the front line, it is more important to “hear” others and be able to collaborate by listening to diverse opinions and acting as an unbiased arbiter. You need to increase your level of awareness and knowledge, make useful acquaintances and contacts, study and educate yourself!

Luck is on the side of those who quickly adapt to changing conditions. In 2024, it is also essential to maintain skilfully the light and fire in yourself: from the inner positive mood, to active walks in the fresh air and physical exercises.

In 2024 we will need the two main qualities of Viveka and Vairagya—the ability to distinguish the true from the false, and non-attachment to judgements, opinions and assessments—they will be both a magic mirror and a lifesaver.

The Year of the Dragon endows seekers with inner wisdom and a vision of truth. It helps us to realise the true value of things while watching all other "gold" turn to dust. A teacher or a guide who can be a real person, a necessary book, or an inner guiding light may come into some people's lives. With certain knowledge, we are capable of a fairy caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation or a magical transmutation from a wingless to a winged Dragon.

Historical analogies

In history under the similar configurations in 1289 there was a siege and destruction of Tripoli (one of the few remained possessions of crusaders by that time) by Muslims Mamluks, as well as the end of Gothic War in 554 with the Battle of the Volturnus, and the return of the lost western lands by Byzantine Empire, which, by results of its victory, joined Italy and the south of Spain and spent a gigantic sum on their restoration after hostilities. Also on similar configurations there were opium wars in China for the opening of ports. Under Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces, the French Revolution took place. On Neptune at the very end of Pisces and on its conjunction with Sheat star, there were severe floods, especially in USA (Oregon, Nevada and California) during winter 1861-1862.


Wingless Dragon

Wingless Dragon is a dragon in its prime that you must feed with the Universal Spirit to let it grow wings and to rise into the air. You are destined to expand your influence and authority or develop your skill in which you have to invest a lot of time and effort. You will enthusiastically pursue important and long-term projects, and partners and associates will support them. Your Dragon is a multi-universalist, so you are meant to grow in different fields and in several promising dimensions. This period is suitable for investing in long-term projects, purchasing vehicles and real estate property, but you should act without toss and rush. Wherever area you tackle, whether it be education, family, business or creativity, look at the prospects. This period will prove to be important in business matters and will bring you useful contacts. You may find your place or a good starting point: rent an office, studio or showroom and start your own business. Changes for the better will occur through the purchase or sale of movable or immovable property. It may also happen, that you may have to nurture and take care of someone, surrounding them with all kinds of comfort. Do not hurry and remember that your Dragon needs time to learn to fly high, because at first it will fly low. Pay attention to what’s really important and don’t waste time on trifles, after all, it is the Dragon, the king of beasts and birds! In the meantime, enthusiastically gather the Astral Spirit: believe in yourself, your strength and the business you are developing. The period works fine to promote and advertise your services, to sign contracts and cooperate fruitfully. You won’t be able to realise everything at once (and you may even have to leave some plans in the past!), but with due effort, the Dragon will bring gifts of fortune on its mighty wings. You best recover your strength at a comfortable SPA-resort, in a good restaurant, in the circle of close and devoted ones.

Jet Flying Carpet

Jet Flying Carpet promises unique opportunities and a launchpad for a variety of projects, but before you fly, you need to know how to control the Flying Carpet: should you pull the edges or do you need the Magic Magnet? Until you figure out what’s what, the Carpet will toss you from side to side or stay on the ground. And be sure to follow the enclosed technical manual, even if it’s in ancient Persian! This time betokens changes in financial affairs, payments and working conditions, as well as new plans, creative projects and moving from place to place. You are likely to figure out how to earn more or make your living and working conditions more comfortable, and your life a little more diverse and interesting. You can buy new things and equipment—from clothes, furniture, computer, phone and other gadgets to a car—as well as master some modern technologies or payment systems for convenience and speed. Household, business and economic improvements work fine: you can sign up for a fitness centre, a driving course or open your own cafe. Although the Jet Flying Carpet is a magical thing, yours is woven by a real loom of earthly matter, so you should give more emphasis on money, living conditions, comfort, nutrition and the physical body. New is well forgotten old, so all changes must be carefully considered and conditioned precisely by the situation and the changes in it, rather than by bare abstract ideas of what is best—otherwise the Carpet will get short-circuited and everything will work out the same as always. Your challenge is to think creatively, but act practically. If certain plans don’t come true, it means they are too off the ground.

Raven’s Head

Raven’s Head will give you the most valuable things—the necessary time and the insight into all the ins and outs of the inner processes, taking place in your soul and happening behind your back. However, it also promises a test of feelings and a life lesson. You will have to work hard and examine the whole background of the case, without being particularly exposed and acknowledged. This period works fine for any rough and preparatory work, investigation of hidden circumstances and purely personal affairs, as well as for activities that require deep thoughtfulness, self-immersion and self-inquiry. It is suitable for hermitage, solitude, retreats, staying away from home and in the midst of the wild nature. The Raven’s Head will give you inner strength, access to hidden knowledge and entry into secret societies, such as yoga ashrams and esoteric circles; some will have to undergo initiation before entering. You may have a trusted advisor, whether it be a wise mentor, a secret informant or your own voice of life wisdom. The Raven’s Head may put a seal of seclusion or silence on you, and test the loyalty of acquaintances and friends. Do always pay attention to your inner warning cawing, because your intuition of a true raven, will inform you in advance that the envious people are not sleeping. Losses, divestments, separations and health problems can’t be ruled out. Even if it seems that there is no hope, keep in mind that the darkness contains the possibility of light, just as the black feathers of a raven in the sun shine with a bright indigo hue. Your challenge is to feel comfortable alone with yourself or in some unfriendly conditions, without fighting or rejecting the status quo—you should accept and experience it. If everything is understood and passed through properly, you can expect inner growth and true maturation. While attempting to appease fate, it is recommended to feed crows, homeless ones and help to any living beings without expecting anything in return. In case if someone behaves unfriendly and maliciously towards you, try to behave less negatively than them. It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as to save and reserve money for a “black crow’s day”. You restore strength best while being in silence, in nature, alone with yourself or in meditation, as well as by being engaged in your favourite hobby.

Tree of Knowledge

You have to learn and grow, share your expertise and useful skills, which will bring about the most important changes. Reaching out your sprawling branches to each and every one, you listen to any wanderer and seeker, while providing a cool shade. The magical power of your Tree is the ability to hear others and cooperate, to give a piece of good advice, or act as an independent arbiter, extending a helping branch every time—after all, a tree gives shelter even to the woodcutter who wants to chop it down, therefore compassion and understanding will be your helping lifesavers. Your task is to be like a tree—an objective and impartial observer, neither admixing your ego nor criticising others. If you do everything rightly, the fruitful sprouts from the seeds you sowed will grow on other sunny meadows. You will make new acquaintances, expand your contacts and connections, write a story, present a master's thesis or gather a group of like-minded people. In any case you are able to find an activity that suits you, because your main strengths are versatility, flexibility, sociability and adaptability. You will have to deal with several jobs or projects at the same time, travel and move around a lot, since your Tree is magical and can walk. These months are good for courses, training, travelling, starting a business, providing support, especially in the spheres of information or services. Self-education and the organisation of the learning process of the younger generation will be beneficial. You may meet an interesting person or move to a new home. You will have to adapt to different environments, because sometimes trees have to grow on rocks, cliffs and even in salt marshes. A word of advice—try harder for others and think less about your own recognition and authority. However, despite the ubiquitous sociability, sometimes you need to be alone to recover.

Bashe Eats Elephant

Your challenge is to recognise your own limitations, and there may be options here. Whether the situation is caused by erroneous estimates in planning or delegation, or by reasons beyond your control, don’t try to swallow the whole elephant, embrace the immensity or solve the problem in one fell swoop. You may feel that you are under pressure or have taken on more than you can fulfil. In any case, this Olympiad problem is not solved with tools from the regular stash—you need to be flexible and think of different alternatives, not treating the situation thoughtlessly. You will likely have a choice of two alternatives, ways-roads or some kind of competition. Now you are close to the winding curve of Destiny. Keep in mind that you should not move forward under unfavourable weather conditions, you risk rushing and making a mistake. Wait and assess the situation until you feel the right conjuncture and where the wind is blowing from—you need free space and fresh air to make the right decision. You may encounter legal difficulties, property disputes, internecine feuds, unsustainable financial obligations and unfair competition; conflict with relatives, neighbours and close acquaintances is not excluded. This time is unfavourable for large purchases and sales, mortgages or loans, investments or starting a business. Anyway, the situation will teach you to allocate time, energy and resources correctly in the future and to choose what is really important; and the experience of travelling or moving will go into the piggy bank of your life lessons. Master the dancing and wavy rhythm of gradual approaching to the desired goals. Don’t cling to the old and don’t be discouraged, because life is a mystery with a special window for the resilient, quick-witted people and their daring decisions.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror will help you to go beyond the limits of ordinary understanding and to see beauty and perfection in a form that is not yet available to the majority. The fact is that in a Magic Mirror people, things and situations can be transfigured in an absolutely amazing way: you can see yourself in a new position and some situation in a through a different lens, which will give an impulse to internal and external metamorphoses. You only need to equip yourself with open mind and observation, not being afraid of what you may see—because visions in the Magic Mirror are largely dependent on ourselves. While being in harmony with the cosmic Logos and with yourself, you will experience a miraculous inner transformation. This period will lay a solid foundation for your future, you will feel as if you are being carried by the flow. Your challenge is to believe in yourself in all circumstances and then you will have the strength to achieve your goals, even if external conditions change unpredictably and create disturbing ripples. This period will bring participation in collective activities and joint projects, perhaps your task will be related to helping others. Positive changes in your income and major acquisitions are likely; in addition, there will be an opportunity to relax and improve your health—go on a cruise, a healing water resort, or visit national nature parks. The Magic Mirror will be creative and useful for spiritual development, but it will require mental strength and full commitment. Remember that all changes are for the good, but we do not always realise the greatness and depth of the universal plan in the present moment. Looking in the Magic Mirror, at the end of the year you will summarise your important results and perhaps will see yourself in a completely different image, role or position.

Black Sun

Black Sun describes the stage of putrefaction and decomposition, which helps to cleanse the relationships of everything artificial, false and superfluous, either ending them completely or bringing them to a different level. The Black Sun will highlight an ambiguous and questionable situation in a marriage, with partners or clients. Relationships may deteriorate, while agreements and alliances may cease to suit you as they did before, and you will have to look for alternatives. Furthermore, you will realise too late that everything was heading to this point. There is a risk to misjudge or misinterpret some situation or intentions of your partners, as well as face claims, deceit and unwillingness of the other party to fulfill obligations. In this light, an appeal to the letter of the law and to the court, legal difficulties and property disputes are not excluded. Some will have to rescue a loved one who is in trouble. Due to the Black Sun influence we perceive everything not in the light of a clear day, but in the twilight of a night, so the period is not favourable for marriage and signing contracts. To go through this time calmly, one should remove the darkening lampshade of mistrust and doubt from the relationships, honestly discuss a problem and accept that everyone has their own truth, while trying to reach an agreement and compromise. Partners are our mirror—although the reflection is crooked a bit—but we must also check ourselves for adequacy of our requirements to them. Most importantly, you should not divide anything in a frenzy with a loved one, however, it may turn out that love and friendship triumphed, or that there is nothing to divide. However, in a matter of high expectations, disappointment is inevitable. Exhibitions, vernissages, auctions, theatre performances will help to divert and see your situation from the outside. You can buy the latest thing, an interesting new product, a piece of art or an interior item; the main thing is to make sure that the price matches the quality. This time bodes promising encounters, but you should look closely at the new acquaintances who have embellished your surroundings. Remember that the Black Sun imposes its projections and shadows on relationships, so if you are not completely sure, refrain from crucial decisions. Since it is associated with the putrefaction of the matter, the Destiny will give you a chance to realise that sincere and good relations are more important than external beauty, apparent expediency or things that those around you may think.

Purpureal Lion

Purpureal Lion is full of vigour and quite a bellicose king of beasts, which teaches you to save wear and tear on your nerves and distribute fervour wisely, while promising a tense race, competition and rivalry. Being actively involved in some endeavour, you will face the confrontation. By acting overly self-confident and aggressive, pursuing your ambitions or simply showing off, you run the risk of crossing someone’s path. You should be wary of envious people and enemies hunting lions. Nevertheless, you will have the strength to stand up for yourself, but you will need to act with courage and determination. Things will heat up at the very end of 2024 and early 2025. You should assess and distribute your energy wisely to avoid exhaustion and illness before the New Year, remembering that sometimes even love relationship resembles a battle field, for the Purpureal Lion can bring pretensions and jealousy. Take care of your heart, blood pressure and vessels! The key is to put your sincere fervour into love or creativity, and to stay out of “the fray” yourself. The Purpureal Lion also promises emotional turmoil and “showdowns”, while increasing the risk of inflammations, traumas and sudden incidents (with the male family members and pets in particular). Always remember, that resentment, arrogance and anger work against you. Lion should dissolve these unconstructive feelings in his noble and sincere heart! You relax by enthusiastically engaging in any favourite and vigorous activity: hobbies, creativity, sport or sex.

King's Mantle

King’s Mantle will endow you with the needed energy, passion, supreme patronage and even invulnerability. You can start well and continue to pursue your goals with everlasting enthusiasm, but it is important for you not to burn out or overstrain yourself. Most importantly, you will see where to invest your energy and ardent loving heart, be it a hobby, love or a creative project. The Mantle of the King promises exciting adventures, active holidays, creative pursuits, rewards and recognition. Interesting acquaintance with an influential or even famous person can play its role in your destiny. During this period, you will feel yourself riding at full speed on a sport car or winged Pegasus, as a king or a queen on the throne, or at a wild party in the company of the King himself. Attention: you can win the favour of a beau or a lady of your heart, or the respect of an enemy or a rival! Probably you will find a hobby or a field of interest, or you will be actively involved in some creative or production process. Upgrading your computer, vehicles or even adopting a pet-friend is recommended. This is a good time to bring some initiative to life without putting it off.