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December 7, 2023 · 4 min read

Forecast 2024-2033

Russia, China, EU, US + Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Iran

In the current scenario, both Turkey and Russia will achieve their objectives in the theatres of war relevant to them. In 2024, Turkey can expect a military operation or an escalation of external conflicts giving reason for its intervention, with peaks in the second half of 2024 and in the second half of 2025—first half of 2026.

In May-June 2023, Pluto entered Aquarius for a couple of months, causing confusion and revolutionary tendencies. In June 2023 in Russia we saw a kind of bogus rehearsal, so the scenario of unrest, rebellion, and eventual military takeover remains in effect during the Pluto loop.

The years 2024-2026 are not very pleasant for China, rather in an economic or even epidemic sense. On the one hand, they will have to overcome the obstacles of sanctions and international laws, on the other hand, at the end of 2024 and in 2025 a provocation or a trap, figuratively speaking, a “punishment” is possible—a turning point awaits China then, coinciding with the US presidential election. However, 2024 could prove to be a really exciting year in terms of space exploration and new cutting-edge technologies. In 2026-2028, a part of the crop or produce is at risk of being destroyed. Even if China is not directly involved in conflicts, it will experience economic difficulties due to the global situation, but through the development of new areas and markets it can partially solve these problems.

In 2024-2025, the European Union faces economic difficulties and disagreements with partners and members. Cooperation agreements may be terminated, some of the candidate countries may withdraw their applications, and in the worst case one of the countries may even start the exit procedure; by opposition, there is a possibility that very problematic countries will be accepted into the EU, whose membership will place a heavy burden on the shoulders of the whole Union. The decisive year will be 2026, when changes in management structures, goals and strategies are coming, probably connected with crucial changes at the overseas hegemon (the USA). Direct involvement in military action cannot be ruled out.

As we predicted at the beginning of 2022, the United States took a more active part in one of the military conflicts already in the summer-autumn of 2023 and apart from the somewhat extreme presidential race of 2023-2024 (when they are desperately trying to keep someone out), in 2024 and the first half of 2025 they may “leave” an ally or have a disagreement with partners, somehow exacerbating relations or provoking conflict.

We wrote that Israel, which has the strength to win allies and take advantage of additional aid, will repel the attack by successfully and harshly suppressing the conflict. In Israel’s chart, the situation looks very much like a victorious war, due to which they can gain new territories or establish greater control over existing ones—in essence, use the pretext and conduct an expansion with a peak in the spring of 2024. In the worst case, the situation will not subside until the summer of 2024, accompanied by chaotic raids and terrorist attacks. However, over time, luck may change sides and work for the “opponents”. In this case, the ultimate beneficiary could be Turkey (see the forecast “In the Lion’s Mouth”).

For Egypt a new period has begun since 2023. From 2024 to spring 2025 the country will pass through a “destructive” degree, which may be associated with instability in the region, insurmountable obstacles on the way to its goals, with perturbations in the government bodies. The tourist flow may thin out: at best, only in the first half of 2024. However, the main events of the new period will take place in 2025-2028—self-determination (closely related to the problem of Israel), the choice of development path and the resolution of territorial issues. A change of power, revolutionary and militant tendencies in the second half of 2025 and the first half of 2026 cannot be ruled out. The significance of 2025-2028 events is similar to the unprecedented visit of the Egyptian president to Israel to conclude peace in 1977, however, in 2025-2028 the possibility of further radicalisation with a slide into fundamentalism seems very likely. In any case, Egypt will prioritise “itself”, its self-determination, its native population and territories.

Iran. Although the “thunder” of revolutionary threats has already rumbled, Iran will face external pressures, including sanctions, for the next few years; there may be an attempt to impose the next phase of the nuclear deal on Iran. Dramatic and crucial changes are more likely to involve the head and top officials of the state and the unravelling of the ideology. The most intense years are 2026-2027, but Iran will only engage in military action if absolutely necessary.