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October 9, 2023 · 5 min read

In the Lion's Mouth

Symbol – Israel vs Sri Lanka

Good afternoon, dear readers! In the light of current events, I had an idea to compare natal charts of two states, Israel and Sri Lanka, which in many respects are similar in astrological sense.

As you know, in Sri Lanka after granting its independence due to the nationalistic policy of the Sinhalese majority there was a civil war for 30 years with terrorist attacks. During the rise of communist movement, which was brutally suppressed, many young people were killed. After war ending in 2009, the country again experienced terrorist attacks and crises of governance. Israel, on the other hand, has been in a state of permanent war with the Arab world since its creation, asserting its national identity in a territory hostile to it. However, unlike Sri Lanka, Israel is a rather strong and aggressive country, with its aggression directed outwards and often successful in achieving its goals. Israel's position resembles a "bone in the Lion's mouth". Astrologically this situation reflects the fact that the cluster of the malefic planets in Israel’s chart occupy the sign of Leo, exactly the zone of Ursa Major constellation, where there is a number of uneasy stars. In the chart of Israel, the affected sign of Leo occupies the 11th house of friends, that is, instead of friends Israel is surrounded by its enemies. Additionally, in the chart of syzygy of the preceding new moon on May 9, 1948, the malevolent planets form the “formula of misfortune” with the Moon and Sun and occupy the 4th house (related to the motherland, ancestors, territory, natural wealth), while denoting the eternal problem of defending the territory, the motherland and resources. The successful bellicose Mars-Jupiter trine in a fiery trigon of Israel’s chart (with Jupiter between the two evil stars Sinistra and Etamin!) shows us that territory must be actively defended, even there is no certain necessity, causing harm to those around them, who in turn are going to wipe the "occupiers" off the face of the earth – a vicious circle. It also gives them opportunities for successful expansion as well. The situation is made worse by the fact that the Sun in the chart of the state of Israel is in conjunction with the most sinister star Algol (the head of Medusa Gorgon). Sri Lanka's chart differs from Israel's chart in the way that it is weaker, less fanatical and suffers more passively, experiencing its armed conflicts and crises internally, i.e. the crisis and "anger" of Sri Lanka does not spill outwards, unlike Israel, which express its ambitions and anger in conflicts with unfriendly neighbours and retaliatory attacks. Israel is a landmine to those around it and Sri Lanka is a bomb to itself.

As for the current situation in the orb of the Solar eclipse of October 14, 2023, we must notice that eclipses have their own cycle. They repeat approximately every 19 years, so they play out in different ways in the life cycle of the states and our lives, while repeating some acute situations. For instance, on 7 October 2004 close to the eclipse on October 14, 2004, terrorist attacks in the Sinai Peninsula at the Taba Hilton Hotel and Ras Shaitan happened. If we examine the current eclipse chart for Tel Aviv, we will see a degree of crisis (13th of Gemini) on the Ascendant with the rising minor planet Sedna, that signifies the great danger to civilians and especially children.

Saturn making its first loop in the sign of Pisces symbolizes the Jewish ethnicity. From March 2023 to 2026, when Saturn is in Pisces, the Jewish ethnos will be going through difficult times internally: there may be internal rearrangement, redivision and restructuring within the society itself. From October to mid-November 2023, Saturn is at its heaviest due to its retrograde motion and forms an exact square to Sedna. Sedna is a planetoid, the farthest minor planet known to us so far. ArtUrania is still studying and monitoring the influence of this planetoid in individual destinies and in mundane events.

Of course, the astrological chart of the state of Israel and the syzygy chart of the preceding new moon on May 9, 1948 have their own crucial aspects related to this situation. In both charts, the accented opposition of Uranus and Jupiter and the accented Mars are responsible for this conflict. First Uranus takes its part in autumn 2023, while bringing chaos and terrorist attacks, setting the stage for military defeats, but then Jupiter takes over. By the way, Sri Lanka had a similar configuration going into an acute government crisis. Uranus is associated with chaos, unexpected subversion, modern weaponry and military technology (especially air power), and it is often accentuated in the charts of nations for military events, especially when one state bombs another. For example, it was emphasised in the Ukraine chart in February 2022.

There is no cure for the Israel with the present astrological chart. Only the re-establishment and/or relocation to another territory can help. Obviously, this time Israel will fend the attack off, by successfully and firmly suppressing the conflict over the next few months, for Jupiter is strong in their chart now. This position of Jupiter gives Israel the strength to bring allies to their side and take advantage of additional aid. In Israel's chart, this looks more like a victorious war, whereby they can expand to new territories or gain full control over the existing ones. In essence, they can take advantage of this excuse to expand with a peak in the spring of 2024. In the worst case, the situation will not subside until late Spring 2024, accompanied by chaotic terrorist attacks, as Uranus is strong and we can’t expect peace-building. Meanwhile, Jupiter, being in the orb of the evil stars, can work in both ways, not only for the possessor, but also for the "opponents," especially if they form a coalition and gain additional support. In this case, the ultimate beneficiary could be Turkey. At the latest, the current conflict will end in late spring or early summer 2025.

The situation will change drastically starting from 2027, when a new period begins in the chart of the state of Israel, and the malefic planets will enter the 8th house (a place of acute crises and war). Then the serious escalation of the Arab-Israeli conflict is likely. In 2029, the influence of the minor planet Sedna can be studied on the example of Israel. The beginning of the 2030s will be very difficult. In 2032 the point of syzygy in Israel's syzygy chart will be accentuated signifying a turning point and a moment of restructuring, when there is a threat to the ethnos and the integrity of the state indeed.