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December 4, 2021 · 11 min read

Forecast 2022

Healing action and crusade

As we have mentioned before the beginning of the 2020s looks contradictory and conflicting: 2021-2022 is a moment of drastic and irreversible changes that give rise to crisis phenomena and chaos. 2022 is a worthy successor to 2021, which became a year of unrest, riots and projects to save the world and began the same way it ends: with abrupt and inconsistent transformations, reforms and experiments in an attempt to establish a new order.

The difference of 2022 is that it is strong in spirit and encourages us to follow inspiration, believe in our guiding star and even go to distant shores in pursuit of a dream. It is characterized by an inspirational, fanatical and somewhat extremist view, especially in the fall of 2022.

Winter is harsh, an increase in the incidence is likely, but in the spring in March-April there can be a revitalizing and pleasant, albeit short-lived thaw. May and June are militant enough and raise flags for the offensive and fanatical struggle against the "universal evil". The second half of the year, especially autumn, will exacerbate social conflicts and contradictions. The symbol of that time is Nemesis or Durga. Curiously, the end of December 2021 and the end of December 2022 around the 29th are mirror dates reflecting economic problems. Where the year starts, so it ends.

By the beginning of 2022, there will not even be a corner on Earth completely free from the Pandemic, except, perhaps, theocratic and microstates, where instead of a virus there will be something original. Nevertheless, in the spring of 2022, a reconciling universal remedy may be found, a kind of panacea or pseudo-panacea. It can be a medicine, a magic pill, or a healing procedure instead of a vaccine with many “shots” that can be “fed” to even more people.

In any case, a healing effect on most of humanity will be performed, and the fall-winter 2022-2023 will show, in a first approximation, how effective it is. We will see global results only by the summer of 2025 and in 2026.

July-August and November 2022 are similar to October-November 1938, when ordinary passports were canceled for Jews in Germany, instead of which they began to issue passports marked J (Jew/Jude) only for those wishing to emigrate, and then all Polish Jews were expelled. Similar violations and restrictions on freedoms will occur not only as a result of ethnic and religious conflicts, but also due to unethical digital control and medical intervention, which will turn dissenters into social outcasts and modern heretics.

In 2022, a crusade led instead of the Pope and Lords by World Health Organization (WHO), scientists, high-tech corporations and influencers, "saviors", ideological and religious leaders is expected.

This is a campaign of science and wonderful discoveries not only in pharmacology and medicine, environmental protection, but also in the so-called "metasphere" – the field of virtual/augmented reality and information technology. Here we can see historical analogies with the unprecedented IV Crusade, when the crusaders plundered not only rich Orthodox Byzantium in 1204, but even fraternal Catholic Zadar in 1202, despite the passive resistance of Pope Innocent III.

It is risky this year to be a thriving and attractive one, a greedy monopolist, or a major lender be it regarding both a city or a country and a corporation. In many regions, the gap between rich and poor will widen. Successful globalization and expansion in the spring meet fierce resistance in the fall. What is important is not what fascinates our imagination, but what is latently churning in the depths of the world's economic ocean.

The main world economy (USA) tends to shift its economic problems onto others, which we will clearly see in the fall of 2022, when the USA may even get involved in a conflict. It is possible that such levers of pressure as blackmail, bribery and financial and economic coercion into consent will be used. What cannot be achieved peacefully in the spring will have to be taken by force in the fall. If resistance to the global trend in the fall is strong, then globalists will have to postpone their plans until 2025-26. Trade wars, US sanctions and a shift in economic emphasis to high-tech industries will gradually weaken China's economy. In this situation, in subsequent years it will consistently crush neighboring territories (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Sri Lanka), strengthening its ideological or military presence.

Among the world's largest leaders (post-industrial economies), the zone of economic interests is shifting. New geopolitical alliances are being formed that will play a role in 2025-2026.

The question with Afghanistan remains open, leaving the European Union at a loss. Already in the spring of 2022, an increase in oil and gas prices, cryptocurrency rates, and antitrust initiatives in the fall-winter of 2022 are possible.

2022 favors the construction of communications networks such as 5G, Starlink and pipelines, so Nord Stream 2 is likely to be launched as early as 2022, although it is possible that problems will arise in November. Already in the spring of 2022, a successful project/startup can start or "shoot" and an important discovery or advanced development, for example, a healing remedy or an electronic gadget, embodying the pinnacle of scientific achievements, can be presented. Micromobility, autopilot and contactless delivery, including by drones, makes us accessible – each and every one in our remote corner.

The year promotes unification by faith and spiritual views, but also the strengthening of ideologically centered, theocratic states and communities. Religious and ethnic conflicts can escalate in summer and autumn. Important events have been prepared for the spiritual, ideological leaders and gurus of the world's leading confessions.

From April 24 to June 26, we pass a zone that is very painful for the Earth, associated with the desecration of traditions, beliefs, national heritage and fundamental values. It is possible both the seizure by force of someone's original rights or territories (including national parks, reserves, etc.), deforestation, pollution of lands and waters, and biased assessments, accusations of desecrating faith and violating traditions, especially in societies obsessed with tradition and religion. In the worst case, someone's actions are capable of putting peoples, populations of living beings and plant species on the brink of survival. Racial and ethnic conflicts, natural disasters are likely, especially at the turn of May-June; what begins may last throughout the summer. In the most favorable case, a biased struggle will be waged against desecration and pollution of Mother Nature, poaching, etc.

Autumn will be marked by an increase in social tension, harsh and inconsistent decisions and reforms, harsh repression and natural disasters, which will provoke chaos in society.

In September, there is an increase in protest, extremist sentiments. In October-November, an implacable and fanatical struggle will unfold, but unfair persecution can be unleashed and culminate between the eclipses of October 25 and November 8 – these eclipses are similar to the eclipses of November 1938, which, in the conditions of that difficult, pre-war time, provoked pogroms and massacres.

At best, 2022 will be marked by all-pervading and saving initiatives for the benefit of all mankind; at worst, it will embody a great illusion, Maya, when, instead of a spinning rope, mankind sees a wriggling snake and piously believes in it.

There is hope that in 2023-2024 the situation will more or less "settle down", but only in 2026 will we see where everything was going. So far, the true goals are hidden by an openwork veil woven from ethical, saving and religious motives.

Territories and regions

In 2022, wealthy cities and spiritual capitals, international business and entertainment centers, alluvial territories, ports and luxury resorts are at risk.

Primordial and powerful elements come to the fore: global warming, El Niño. In the spring of 2022, an overall strategy will be developed and a project will be launched (see 2019 Earth-Garden), the goal of which is to save the planet from desecration and pollution. In some countries, this will accelerate the transition to green energy, strengthen the control of discharges into the oceans, and increase the taxation of polluting industries. The society is concerned about medical manipulations, problems of "big water" and intensified cataclysms, preservation of wildlife and endangered species of living beings.

Focus on: coastal regions, oil-bearing shelf, islands and alluvial, as well as all border and disputed territories – especially conflict regions 1959-1962, 1991-94 (India, China, Tibet), and in 2021 (Armenia-Azerbaijan, Afghanistan). Among the possible natural disasters there are underwater earthquakes, floods, typhoons and tsunamis at the end of March, April and autumn, in November 2022. Fires are more likely from May 10 to October (especially at the junction of July-August), while summer in some regions may be very dry. Fire on oil platforms, oil spills and tanker accidents in April, May and November are not excluded. Earthquakes, landslides, collapse of buildings and structures may take place from August to November with a peak in September. By the end of 2022, side effects of vaccines and drugs may be found: sleep disorders, autism and other.

Due to the comprehensive penetration of electronic devices, individual people are capable of developing hypersensitivity to external electromagnetic influences, like allergies, and autoimmune diseases of an unexplored nature occur. It is possible that new viral infections, blood diseases and psychological disorders will appear. Children are under a hidden blow, the delayed effects of the impact of "progress" on them will appear in the summer of 2025 and in 2026.


Humanity is eternal and unchanging in its search for happiness and zealous striving for the illusory and universal good, where, according to the idea, everyone can find good and happiness for themselves. We are able to heal ourselves, making selfless attempts to help each other, or drowning in illusion, Maya, doing all just for profit or for yourself.

In 2022, it is important, without becoming a blinded and fanatical adherent of one side and not accepting either side as the ultimate truth, to see reality in all its deep and amazing diversity and the fact that each side has its own truth.

ADVICE: In addition to the four main directions or cardinal points, there is one more – deep into oneself. This is where our inner faith is contained, which comes from the heart. Having found your faith, you will understand that it contains the main answers to all your vital questions. The lesson of 2022 is to learn to trust yourself and your heart.

Your Magic Stream 2022



A miraculous remedy that can help to get rid of many problems. Amrita is a healing elixir and a drink of the Gods, which is obtained by churning the ocean of milk and can pour down on your head in a golden rain. The most wonderful thing is that you don't even have to do anything, except for one magic sip, adding faith in yourself, everything else will be done by a magic potion. Know that luck can come in many forms: as inspiration, an interesting project, someone's favor, sponsorship, or a trip. You can get an unforgettable spiritual, intimate or sensual experience that will serve your inner development and disclosure. A secret desire will miraculously come true. You yourself are able to act as a kind of genie, helping someone to fulfill their cherished dream. Trust your inner voice and stop being packed with dreams. You can get a hint or revelation in which direction you should sail, a gift from Destiny or just a nice bonus.

El Niño

The mysterious fluctuation of the temperature of the ocean ... you can't tell right away where this strange problem came from and who is "muddying" the water. In some area of ​​life, it can become abnormally hot. El Niño must not only survive, but also get out of the water. You should beware of intrigues, setups and insidious actions behind and around you; accounts and financial problems can unexpectedly flood, betrayal or deception can be revealed. Other difficulties are possible with friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters. You will have to act at your own peril and risk, fight for the truth or repel the attacks of those who want to profit at your expense. El Niño is good for practicing the Way of the Warrior, self-defense, breathing and other gymnastics (yoga, tai chi, qigong). The ability not to succumb to provocations and manipulations will come in handy, then there is every chance to unravel a cunning plan, bring out the scammers and expose the offenders. It is important to avoid dubious and double play yourself. During the El Niño period, it is recommended to refrain from surgical interventions and medical procedures due to the high likelihood of complications (except for vital ones).

Living Water

Living water has the ability to revive even a hero who has died from restrictions and cold over the winter. Its sip, acting beneficially, awakens interest and strength in life and achievements. It's time to take on the realization of personal ambitions and projects. The emphasis is on active pushing, promotion, personal charisma and enterprise. At the same time, it will be necessary to overcome the resistance of retrogrades, outdated attitudes, child-parent complexes. It will be possible to help the family, parents, relatives and solve old problems with the land, plot or family nest. The time is right for starting an independent life, and in order to help someone to get on their feet: for example, to leave with their parents, to find accommodation or to resettle their children and to resolve the housing issue. You can look for a new place of work and living if the former one is already a pain in the neck. Choose those areas where you act as an initiator, pioneer and innovator, independently making all significant decisions. From June 8th it is good to start a new initiative and launch a working project.

Dead Water

Dead Water has the ability to heal wounds and restore agility, albeit not as quickly as you expected. Slowdown will provoke obstacles, and upstarts, competitors, bosses and persons vested with power will put a spoke in the wheels. It is possible that you will have to race with yourself, and even drag luggage or someone in tow, or fight with aggressors, retrogrades and "obscurantists." Starting in August, the pace will have to be slowed down and the priority to be laid out. In the fall, legal and bureaucratic issues can "hang", partners are able to provoke delays, and loved ones believe that you are acting too selfishly, disregarding their interests. Those who disagree will have to be pulled over to your side or temporarily abandon some plans and ambitious aspirations in favor of others, your spouse/spouse, partner or children. It is interesting that in a contradictory and difficult situation you are able to resolve both your own and other people's doubts by conducting reconnaissance in force.

Cheerful Bog

You are destined for new plans, changes and trips. It is easy to become hostage to new circumstances and unforeseen changes, however, making sudden body movements and frantically coming up with a rescue plan, you only exacerbate the precarious situation. There may be fluctuations in the level of income, changes in lifestyle, habits, diet and environment, change of gadgets and technical devices regarding its breakdowns, purchase of new ones and repairs. Although the period is one continuous surprise for you, try to be a little visionary, taking into account all the possible and impossible "who would have thought," and make strategic reserves. If you have long dreamed of getting out of your comfort zone and somehow diversifying your life, your desire will come true over and above. The time may turn out to be interesting, "knocking" you out of your usual comfort or discomfort, when suddenly something that cannot happen can happen. However, still avoid change, for the sake of change itself, otherwise you may fall into a pseudo-variable trap.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is able to carry you away into the midst of social upheavals and upheavals of life. The time will be of paramount importance for you, although not easy, and significant events will take place during this period. Even if some plans are outlined on the horizon with sharp peaks of rocks or, conversely, fall off, it is good to have a strategy and vision of the future that you follow. Your life track can make sharp bends, at times almost falling into an abyss or disappearing from sight in dense fog – but this is just such a segment of the path. You should not change the strategy and vision in its essence due to time collisions, as well as depend on volatile strange trends. Sharp fluctuations in income, material and financial affairs and extraordinary events are not excluded. This period will contribute to a set of useful experience that will make you more confident and professional.

River Crossing

You are faced with a difficult decision or a difficult choice, especially at the beginning of April, approximately the same as the one that stood in front of the boatman, who transported three valuable goods to the other side: a wolf, a goat and a cabbage. But if you think and decide for too long, you will miss out on good time. At the junction of the end of May and the beginning of June, a delay in business is likely, they may return and remind a favor or a promise, and something will be postponed for material and financial reasons or in view of other circumstances. Try to avoid debt, but have all the necessary resources. If you use what you have wisely, you will not need what you don’t have. Use these days as a necessary pause in order to reflect in detail, fulfill promises and pay off debts. You are given a job, a useful task or a lesson in fate, which will give you valuable and necessary experience. In your case, fate will reward those who have passed its test.

Klondike River

You are waiting for the work of a prospector on a gold-bearing river, if you cannot get gold, you should at least drive pillars into the river to set traps for salmon. Floating luck still needs to be seized, for which you will have to guess the right moment, try to sell your skills at a profit, or acquire something "extremely necessary". By the New Year and in January-February, a long-standing desire may come true – to acquire something that has been postponed for a long time or for which money has been earned. If you hold on to far-reaching, ambitious, but not fully formed plans at the beginning of the year, then the end of the year can pay off your efforts in history. A well-thought-out plan is important, combining an eagle's foresight with worldly cunning and support from above, for example, from a parent or boss. At the beginning and end of the year, family members and senior relatives, bosses and team members will require attention. It is good not to forget to congratulate the elders and those on whom your well-being or promotion directly depends on the holidays and anniversaries. Be careful when splitting profits with team members and buying and selling real estate at the end of the year.