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December 5, 2021 · 9 min read

AstroTiger 2022

Forecast for the year of the Water Tiger

The Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger begins on February 1, the first new moon in the sign of Aquarius. And those who have a birthday near February or oppositional new moon July 28-August 4 are especially marked with a tiger striped paw.

The year 2022 contains the element of Water in the Heavenly Stems and the Tree in the Earthly Branch. For those who have these elements in their personal card balanced and even in a somewhat weak position, the year is favorable, bestowing support, good luck and good income.

For those who have too many of these elements and they are too strong, it is able to bring a collision with the Master of the Year – rivals and competitors, as well as unexpected surprises, for the Tiger is cunning and attacks from an ambush; if you are too hasty or greedy, it is easy to overlook your strength.

How to check it at first sight?

It is worth looking back to the Year of the Tiger in 2010 and remember what events happened to you then, whether it was a successful year or not. It is important to check 1995, which was the year of the Tiger's secret friend, the Boar, with the same Wood and Water elements.

If 1995 was a good year for you, then in 2022 you can also hope for good luck and good profits, including through interaction with friends and associates.

In general, in the year of the Tiger it is a good idea to enlist allies – people born in the Year of the Horse and the Dog and, especially, a secret ally – a person born in the year of the Boar (approx. if its elements favor your own element). Exactly the same Year of the Water Tiger was 60 years ago from February 1962 to January 1963.

To assess the risks, it is recommended to look back 6 years ago in 2016 – when the Fire Monkey – the enemy of the Tiger – was the animal of the year, and recall what challenges and problems you faced then?

It can be assumed that for those for whom the last year was difficult, 2022 will already be a better year.

Tigers are striped loners and pioneers who move around a lot. Therefore 2022 will bring more change, and travel, including unknown paths.

Year of the Tiger patronizes creative, enthusiastic and determined people, adventurers and "knights of fortune", but also "robbers from the high road", inspired by the desire for profit.

It shows that you should not stay packed in your dreams, but you should move on to their active realization.

In 2022, interest in spiritual practices, esotericism and conspiracy theories is growing. Before the onset of 2022, in December and January, our needs and desires are great, but our opportunities are limited – an object of love, a salary increase or a desired position loom on the horizon, but, as the saying goes: "the elbow is close, but you won't bite" – a thoughtful and a practical plan – this is where foresight and enviable patience come in handy. New Year's holidays and holidays can take place in somewhat harsh and even formal conditions, it is better to prepare in advance and in accordance with the purpose of the event: by making a program and a guest list. It is recommended to respectfully congratulate and visit the Elder Tigers: bosses and parents.

February and March, when Venus and Mars walk hand in hand, will stand out as active, giving us the opportunity to arrange our earthly affairs: both financial and love affairs.

From March 18 to May 10, a magical connection takes place, which for some lucky ones will be a time of fulfilling desires and significant profits. This is the time of your visionary plans when you can swim in the current or a project, find a source of inspiration, a means of salvation or a gold-bearing stream.

Those who are less fortunate will have a difficult choice and struggle with the vicissitudes of fate.

The time from May 10 to October 27, when Jupiter enters to the fire sign of Aries, is favorable for active actions and an attack, especially if you are pursuing noble goals, but from July 28, the effectiveness of actions will decrease slightly, especially on September 12-23, when you have to overcome resistance of people around you, your spouse, your partner, who think that you are acting too selfishly, and other circumstances. At the peak, it is not recommended to get married and sign contracts; legal precedents and legal problems may arise.

The second half of the year is more difficult, as tense configurations of distant planets take effect.

August and autumn will be a hectic month of social conflict and natural disasters, and more Rogue Tigers will appear on the roads. Noble and free Tigers can be hunted by catching them one by one.

July-August, especially the period from July 25 to August 10, will give rise to drastic changes and emergencies – someone is able to "bite the bit", while someone seems to be under the tail of Shaitan. You do not need to make sudden movements that you can regret. You can accidentally awaken the Tiger in yourself or get ambushed by the Tiger-hunter.

Autumn tests whether you are ready to stand up for your ideals and dreams. From October 30 to January 9, with a peak in November, the Season of Hunting for rare Tigers and Tigers-ideological enemies begins. It is possible that once retreating or wounded Tiger will want to take revenge using not very honest methods, and then some other Tigers will have to save friends or defend your territory. Any extremes, preconceived notions and obsessions should be avoided; it is not advisable to dwell on your plans, so that envious people do not set traps. In November, a showdown is likely due to money, ideological/religious motives or honor requiring revenge, as well as harassment, set-ups and blackmail. In the best case, a fight against the Tigers-bandits with their possessions will unfold: drug trafficking, bribery, collusion, spy scandals, information leakage are possible.

At the peak on November 13-24 the surgeries on hands and legs, trachea, bronchial tubes intestines, spleen, duodenal, as well as intervention in the central nervous and autonomic nervous systems are contra-indicated (with great care: the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, solar plexus and removal of ulcers) due to the high likelihood of complications.

It is better to avoid medical manipulations in November if possible, and surgical interventions, except for the most necessary ones, in the period from October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023.

At this time, the number of infectious diseases may increase and the side effects of drugs and treatment may be revealed.

The year 2022 begins with economic problems and ends with them: a shortage of supply goods at the beginning of the year, despite demand, and a lack of demand or delays in supplies and in warehouses at the end of 2022 are not excluded – as a result, the problems of November-December will step over in January 2023 ... In December 2022, the policy of protectionism can only aggravate the situation, and national interests may suffer not only due to malicious actions, but also due to excessive efforts to protect them.

How to appease the Tiger?

A real Tiger should have a Path of the Heart, albeit a little striped and risky, but making his stripes sparkle with joy. Tigers understand that life is striped and are philosophical about it.

Tigers are brave and free animals, so creative disclosure, project implementation, a change in life direction, habitat or just a trip to break out to the sea and swim is quite in the spirit of this year. The main thing is to trust your tiger instinct.

Corridors of Eclipses and Mercury Loops

Corridors of Eclipses

In 2022, two corridors of eclipses are expected which are in spring, from April 30 to May 16, and in autumn, from October 25 to November 8. The prerequisites and consequences of eclipses are felt at least a month before and after the eclipse itself. Eclipses affect the more the closer your birthday is to its date.

The spring corridor is able to provide material and financial opportunities, but also cut them off in the area of ​​the lunar eclipse on May 16, which sums up the results rather harshly, and is especially significant for Taurus and Scorpions, and secondarily for Aquarius and Lions. A partial solar eclipse on April 30 gives chances, especially for those born in the last decade of Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn.

It embodies the dreams of some in a material form be it love, creative projects or completely mundane things, while it puts others in a situation of difficult choices.

It will be observed in the southwestern part of South America and the Antarctic space below it.

The total lunar eclipse on May 16 is psychologically difficult, when one can become a hostage to the situation and feel the aftertaste of previous decisions. This lunar eclipse is also about rethinking the results: how you took advantage of the opportunities that were. It will affect, first of all, most of the North American continent (especially the eastern coast of the Atlantic), South America and Antarctica, Africa and England, the southern piece of Greenland, southwestern Europe and Asia (Spain, Portugal and the Arabian Peninsula).

To pass the corridor from October 25 to November 8 is already more difficult.

A partial solar eclipse on October 25 and the combustion of Venus by the Sun in the sign of Scorpio will exacerbate financial and love issues and, together with them, all the Scorpio peculiarities: greed, partiality, envy and jealousy.

It will be significant for the regnant, ruling persons and "stars" and, especially for their loved ones, service staff and property, to those things or people what they use. For the strong in spirit, there is an aspect of sacrifice for the sake of loved ones, things dear to the wallet and heart. The eclipse will give incentives to adventurers, creative people and those who are able to transform Scorpio energies into beauty and money. However, it is recommended to make deals and negotiate salaries carefully not to sell too cheap. The eclipse affects all of Europe, the Atlantic zone between Norway, Sweden, England and Greenland with part of the Arctic, southwest Asia, northeast Africa (Egypt) and the Arabian Peninsula.

The total lunar eclipse on November 8 brings feelings to extreme, leads the situation to a crisis resolution and brings unexpected turns in business, when anti-crisis management will come in handy; accident rate increases.

One should be careful with large purchases, sales, investments and suddenly emerging opportunities, because it is possible to miscalculate inadvertently and lose a lot. The visibility zone is located at the junction of Eurasia (Far East), North America (Alaska) and the Arctic, in Japan and New Zealand; the eclipse affects northeastern Europe, all of Asia, Australia, Canada, Greenland and western South America (especially Colombia).

Mercury Retrograde Loops

  • A sharp loop: from January 14 to February 3, machinery and equipment breakdowns, accidents, disruption of current plans, unexpected trips and meetings are likely; one should be careful with equipment and electrical current. January 10-20 is an unpredictable time for planned travel and flights. One should be ready to navigate quickly in a suddenly changing situating in order to transfer railway coaches of personal plans to spare rails or even race on a railcar.

  • Loop of patience: May 10 to June 2. From May 10, acquaintances, friends and old plans will return, and what has been thought, discussed or signed for a long time may begin to unfold. However, it would be better to postpone the active actions until the last week of May or the first week of June. At the turn of May-June, promises and agreements may be violated, the signing of important agreements and lending money to somebody should be postponed. It is better to pay off debts, pay taxes and fines, throw out the "necessary" rubbish from the house. Construction or repairs can be delayed, or even collapse.

  • One of the controversial loops of Mercury twists from September 10 to October 1, when lawsuits and proceedings, claims from partners and a spouse are likely, especially from September 16 to 23. This is not the best time for an official marriage. From September 23 to October 1, one should not sign employment contracts, take lab tests and make important appointments to the doctor; beware of fraudsters and low-quality medicines. It is worthy to make double-checking of the examination results and of money counting as well as the reliability of information. However, it is good to revise your contact list and tiny habits that eat up the day in order to free your productive time from those that are harmful to your mental and physical health.

  • Love and financial loop. From December 29 to January 17, meetings with former lovers, friends, family members (including those with whom one broke up badly or with whom unresolved feelings and problems remained), and even reunions after separation are likely. Future financial tasks, new ambitions and desires may emerge, so one has time to take a closer look and make more savings. However, at the end of December, one may also purchase what was postponed or planned for a long time.