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December 13, 2020 · 5 min read

New Age 2020-2159

…and early 2020s


We have to push the boundaries of our knowledge and master the sphere of Air. It is possible to predict discoveries in the field of extraterrestrial life, time and space, gravity, endless sources of energy, super speeds and an increase in life expectancy.

The 2020s will experience a rapid development of communication technologies, which will provide new standards, different scale and coverage and the connectedness of all people.

The appearance of information about celestial objects, their direct discovery and photographs are reflected in the fate of mankind.

  • The discovery of Uranus in 1781 coincided with the Industrial Revolution in England and the discovery of Coulomb's Law, which made electricity an exact science.
  • The discovery of Neptune in the middle of the 19th century gave rise to photography and subsequently cinema, the emergence of communist ideology and Marxist political economy.
  • The discovery of Pluto in 1930 preceded the creation of totalitarian regimes and atomic energy.

In April 2019, the first image of a black hole made with the Event Horizon telescope in 2017 was published. It itself symbolizes enormous forces and uncertainty, something global and destructive. In this sense black holes are akin to God-transformer and destroyer Shiva. They pose threats, destruction and chaos, but also conceal endless sources of energy and transformation, possible portals to other worlds.

As we wrote in the forecast 2020: “2020 brings a test for all of humanity such as the danger of disasters or regional problems that will affect countries, continents and involve large masses of people.” In 2019-2020, the world is faced with uncertainty, with an unprecedented and massive threat of a pandemic. There was a destruction of the usual picture of the world on the eve of the New Age.

It can be assumed that in the New Age there will be penetration into unknown and forbidden, if not to say out-of-the-box areas.

This is not only space, depths and hard-to-reach regions of our planet, but the human consciousness and soul, as well as the genome, which will increase lifetime and in the extreme give immortality.

If one fantasizes on this topic, new endless pocket energy sources that can be black holes themselves and portals to other dimensions can be discovered. It is possible to assume the rediscovery of eternal sleep-dormant viruses and territories hidden by ice, the emergence of underwater "monsters", the flooding of the continental shores, the submersion or emergence of a land and the emergence of a new race. Literally it can be everything from the appearance of colonies on Mars to the arrival of aliens on Earth.

With a destructive version of development, chaos, general disaster and self-organization of people after a catastrophe are possible, as in the best dystopias; the domination of IT corporations and the emergence of regimes under a real dome or with total control, even worse than the totalitarian 1930s-40s.

As for the coming years, other forms of slavery and control, such as a "digital concentration camp", may spread – and in this 2020-2026, they remind of 1934-1942, when concentration camps were institutionalized and violent experiments on humans were carried out. There is a possibility of experiments on growing and transplanting organs, first in the body of animals, and the birth of a new eugenics designed to structure and improve abilities, increase the life span of an individual.


The very principle of education will be revised, which, in the limit, promises to change degrees and doctoral studies, making it the cornerstone of how to find the necessary information and quickly navigate in it, learn and gain experience throughout life.

In the new 20-year cycle beginning 2021 the attention will be directed to personal professional skills and individual development of employees within the team and the company. General information in the Age of Air will depreciate, as the paper depreciated in its time, and only specific timely information will be appreciated.

In the Age of Air,

interest in metaphysical knowledge and sciences of the past increases. It can be assumed that astrology will be reborn,

it is not surprising that interest in it was actively revived during the demo of the Age of Air (1981-2000), preceding the global Age of Air 2021-2159. There is a possibility of the emergency of a worldwide spiritual organization, as described in the "Rose of the World" by Daniil Andreyev.


In the 2020s, small business, light, textile, food, and agricultural industries can experience a crisis; a shortage of natural and labor resources, essential goods and depletion of strategic reserves are likely. An energy crisis is not excluded in connection with the transition to new energy sources.

We can expect the emergence of a new economic theory, comparable in importance to Keynesianism, but on a larger scale, which will allow creating a new global world economy by rethinking the approach to the distribution of collective goods.

The leading centers of production and influence of Age of Earth in the Age of Air will go through recession. The industrial and social and economic crisis caused by the change of the financial flow configuration and the shift of the business centers may provoke financial instability and civil disorders.

For instance, Hong Kong, one of the leading financial centers, that was founded in the early years of Age of Earth in 1842, may go through a crisis up to losing its independence and being liquidated in its former state.


2021 is a year of trials and self-determination of the people of Russia in choosing a path that forms a trend in all 2020s in the context of rigid frameworks and restrictions imposed from outside. The main problem is the control over territories, national funds and companies, as well as attracting labor resources for low-paid and low-profile jobs. There may be an increase in the tax burden on small businesses and citizens, for whom the lack of well-paid jobs outside the public sector will be a problem.

The United States will deploy vigorous and expansive activities, and in August-September it is likely a flawed decision that creates a precedent in partnership relations, while Russia is rather a “thing as it is”, prone to isolation and tough self-control, but changes in it can occur abruptly from within.

All the problems and conflicts of the Union republics of the former USSR in 1991-94 may sharply escalate in a new and unexpected way in the early 2020s. December is a pivotal month for Belarus, where the risk of military-civil conflict and the peak of legal proceedings on legitimacy increase in winter; the tense situation there will last until the summer of 2021.

Conflicts of interests of India, China, Russia and the United States are possible, since 2021-2022 resembles 1961-62. The risk of border, cross-border, ethnic conflicts increases, especially in the disputed and illegally occupied territories (for example, in Tibet); at the least, the struggle of the “oppressed minorities” will intensify and their public information and humanitarian support, including “from the air”, will increase.