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December 31, 2017 · 4 min read

The Year of the Underground Cerberus

Forecast 2018

We can definitely call 2018 a year of ambitious plans and grandiose construction starting from the construction of real roads and pipelines to the reconstruction of the vertical power structure and governance policies. Those who are not involved in different kinds of construction will scale new heights climbing up the corporate ladder or the tops of ice-capes of mountains and poles. The rates are high and we will have to work hard to shape the future.

Key words – strength, determination, bellicosity.

Tendencies. In some countries there are clear tendencies to conservatism, authoritarian trend and control like in the movie Brazil. The more advanced countries tend to transfer to the completely new and more viable and rational principals of management based on new technologies and modern world view. They introduce Smart Cities, create new laws and gradually establish a new world order. We expect curious events related to the planet Mars that will influence the plans of human landing on it and colonization of the Red Planet.

In 2018, two powerful opposing trends are struggling and causing a strong turbulence of events. The total control of the authorities that tighten the screws leads to the fight for freedom and independence; wars and militarized patriotism result in pacifism and the struggle for peace; the imposed limits provoke the desire to act as one pleases. Although for every action there is a reaction, the reaction will manifest itself more desperately and recklessly, especially on May 11-20, from July 24 to August 13, and from September 13 to October 5.

The main dangers of 2018 have to do with industrial disasters, sea accidents and floods, terrorism, military conflicts and nuclear threats. Famine, drought, earthquakes, eruptions, and hurricanes are the most likely natural disasters. The danger comes from fire and electricity; strong magnetic storms are possible as well.

The year 2018 of a very “earth” brown Dog will bring a strong and serious trend for next several years. Challenging dates: January 7-8, the dates around the lunar eclipse of January 31 and the dates around the solar eclipse of February 15, as well as March 9-17. Beginning March 17 events will be developing steadily and rapidly, while from May 16 to October 5the turbulence will go through the roof sometimes. In the middle of summer, there will be some stagnation, but the “reaction” still accumulates for the last desperate breakthrough in September.

The time from July 24 to September 30 can truly be called the culmination of the year when a total lunar eclipse and the Great opposition of Mars on July 27 will serve as a trigger for a whole chain of events. The best thing that can happen is social transformation and change of public views. Those upheavals give the mankind a chance to reach a new level of understanding and awareness. We will see the first pilot versions of the brave new world closer to August 24-28.

Economic and judicial reforms (up to the change of the constitution!) are likely alongside with shocks and unexpected results from October 11 to December 5reaching the climax on October 28 - November 3 and November 28 - December 3. This is a fruitful time for representatives of creative professions. We will witness new and unusual phenomena of fashion and art.

From November 8, 2018 to November 2, 2019 there is a political revival that brings new movements, parties, leaders and ideas. It will be the time of active lawmaking, though in some countries the authorities can get carried away and forget about the needs of citizens. The boiling point is reached on November 25-28. The “political cauldron” will continue to boil until November 2, 2019 leading to struggle, expansion and new conquests.

ADVICE: 2018 does not imply a neglectful attitude, so in the New Year of 2018 it is important to stay properly tuned because serious and responsible solutions are just around the corner. These times will be difficult for people without clear plans. In 2018, you are the architect of your own fortunes. Therefore you just need to draw a plan and set your mind on it!