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March 30, 2019 · 2 min read

April 2019

Here To Stay

April requires us to be mature while taking good care of money and relationships. It is a good time for solving financial matters related to real estate, health of elderly relatives and looking after them. This time is also favorable to insure property and make long-term investments with a particular purpose.  April is also good for serious actions in personal and business relations since it is the time to cement the ties that will hold you together in future.  It may seem that the fate brings you together so close personally that it will be hard to break those ties, or you may get tied up with business and financial obligations. In any case whatever you go for, be it a business or a personal project, it will bond you at least until October 2019.

On April 9-14, particularly on April 11-12, the trick of fortune will make the situation more complicated and you may get the feeling that someone is poking sticks into spokes for you. It is not the time to get one’s own way. It is better to make a compromise instead. On April 16-19 and April 22-23, pay attention to signs of fate. If you were late for something or didn’t go somewhere it was possibly for the better! April 20-24 is the time for repairs and upgrade of technical devices; something in your house may get broken and need fixing that will naturally cause extra expenses. You may feel that it is the time to get rid of something old-fashioned or something you got tired of.

In the end of the month it is important to avoid wasting your energy. The closer it is to the end of April the more hectic it gets and the less space for a maneuver you have. So it becomes clear that the train that could have given a chance to turn around and rush in the opposite direction has already left. You face the results of your choice, as well as something that you feared or tried to avoid. You will have to deal with lots of work that you have been putting aside, but at this point you must definitely do that work in order to move forward.


You will feel how important it is to rely on somebody or let the others be on firm ground. Stay only with those people who support you. As soon as you get in trouble unreliable friends will disappear at the earliest along with the illusions you have had about them.