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July 26, 2019 · 2 min read

August 2019

The Knight without Fear and Beyond Reproach

Despite the puzzle-headed beginning of the month August will bring progress to something that was about to happen or didn’t work before. The progress will be quite impressive and make thing ramp up beginning August 11. The end of July and August are full of fire energy and it will bring a huge amount of things to do, as well as lots of plans and emotions. August is good for active and initiative people. Their personal strength and charisma will transform into an inner fuel that they will use actively and creatively. However, the flame may become ferocious and burn from inside. Be careful with stress and love emotions, including anger, as well as heat, blood and blood vessels. August key is about doing everything with passion and at full strength: have fun at rest, devote yourself to favorite occupation, compete or dedicate time to children and the people you love.

The society may expect appearance of vigorous leaders, loud statements, public actions and bright shows. The demonstrative actions may have aggressive character particularly on August 12-21. Besides, beginning August 11 and up to the end of the month with the peaks on August 15-18 and August 30-31 the attention zone covers children and pets that are almost like children.

In the last decade of August the “Knight” goes for doing his duties. It is the time to bridle oneself in and take care of current issues following clear instruction and plans. It is important to be self-disciplined and pay attention to small details. It is also the right time to take care of health problems and focus on studies and work.

Advice: Be active and use your strength for something that is really important for you following the way of your heart. Don’t forget to show how big your heart is while demonstrating that you love and can be benevolent!


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