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January 6, 2019 · 1 min read

Half Moon Forecast – January 6-21

Symbol – Awakening

It is worth taking a strategic and global view of the problem from the height of the eagle’s flight to make a major breakthrough. An acute conflict or an argument may help to finally settle a pending issue in a constructive way. If you start a business in January, go ahead, but do not necessarily focus on a final result since in July you will have a chance to try it the other way around and fix it if something has gone wrong first. It is important to evaluate and analyze the information and to read the signs of destiny for it may dawn upon you when you feel relaxed, for instance, while listening to music or in your sleep. Visualize and concentrate on a mental image of your future for faster and more effective results. On January 17-21, your plans may suddenly fail. If life has caught you by surprise that means that you have been in a “drowsy” state and have been moving mechanically, and you need to awake now!


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