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November 26, 2019 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – November 26-December 11

The Cost of A Dream

This new moon focuses our attention on dreams and plans assuming that we should critically evaluate them, in other words, we should take a practical approach while fulfilling our dreams. This New Moon brings a new cosmic “wind of changes” which cools our feelings down. It sets us up to choose a rational approach to spending, presents and love without wasting money or emotions in vain. You feel that the plans and relationships should be sealed and cemented with something in particular, and it is time to fulfill your promises and financial obligations, at least, to prepare for formal events, Christmas and New Year's party thoroughly. Something from the past may pop up or somebody may remind of a demand for payment. Starting from this December many things will start to change bit by bit, and the ideal motto will be “do your best and let the chips fall they may”. It is useful to assess resources thinking ahead about the future and to design the plans for the next year.