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April 4, 2019 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – April 5-19

Symbol – Crash Course

This new moon happens between the vernal equinox and South and Southeast Asian New Year on April 13-14. Therefore having drawn up your plans for the next year you may also have a chance to accomplish something from your list. You may feel like a multi-armed Shiva or a circus bear being busy with many activities at a time.  You will have a chance to complete certain things quickly and successfully before April 10 and to start something new and interesting. However, you are highly likely to still face the problems and unsolved matters which were relevant in March. You will get to know how serious the situation is on April 11-13. If you feel irritated it means that you don’t find time for something really important and bringing true satisfaction. Just remember that fuss is meaningless while the world around you may even stop if your intention is strong and clear! New Moon is good for personal growth, training course and trips. You can also make something curious and useful with your own hands. Pay attention to what you are keen on and what you love doing it sincerely with all your heart!