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May 5, 2019 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – May 5-19

Symbol – Doggish Appetite

This Intractable New Moon bears a risk of leaving only smoking ruins after disputes and struggle. You may tackling one thing after another as far as your impetuous nature allows. However, being excessively enthusiastic you may cause problems for yourself and then try to overcome them with even greater enthusiasm. It’s better to set your inquiring mind on knowledge, research and study. If exams or important meetings lie ahead, you should study strenuously for them before giving the last and decisive battle. You will be more diligent if you stay at home. While proving your point in disputes you may become hoarse, so it’s a good idea to spare your throat and practice some breathing control technics. To be on the safe side you’d better take necessary precautions and think of defense in advance. It’s recommended to investigate the situation and to “war-game” before decisively take something by storm. Your inquisitive mind and all-round awareness will find a loophole even in an impenetrable wall!


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