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June 17, 2019 · 1 min read

Full Moon Forecast – June 17-July 2

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Your castles in the air just can’t become real within the existing reality. However, this full moon changes the reality implacably while giving you a chance to nurture your plans on the new ground.  You will have to speak out and announce something openly but be ready to have this information cause a conflict or even an explosion leaving the past behind. It is important to hear and consider the interests of the conflicting parties while still not avoiding a struggle. If you try to hide in a shell be ready to be pulled out and eaten. Still the self-confidence and belief in what you do and say will make you see how the dreams, expectations and reality come together miraculously. You will have to take a break regarding your long term goals and life plans to revaluate them and get a second wind. The events happening now are important for whatever you come to or stay with around the time of the eclipse in July will take you up for at least another half a year.


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