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January 30, 2019 · 1 min read

February 2019

Chinese New Year

Although the Chinese New Year starts on February 5 the beginning of February keeps the touchy atmosphere of the end of January. The time on February 7-14, especially on February 12-14, is dangerous in regards to traumas and accidents. Take special care of you head! There is a risk of bone fractures; teeth, nose and knees are at risk as well.

Protest sentiment and a desire to obtain justice by any means increase. The first part of February brings the atmosphere of a nuthouse and confusion in one’s head. The striving for freedom and changes along with stubbornness and self-will may lead to hasty and radical decisions.

The best way to get rid of disappointment and discontent on February 17-24 will be a heart-to-heart talk, visiting an exhibition, going to the cinema or a swimming pool, or having rest at the seaside.  It will be good to make improvements and rearrangement at home making your personal space comfortable for yourself and your family. You will find inexpensive and cute interior decisions or will add an interesting art object for your home, and do useful shopping.

The second half of the month will be good for arranging financial matters, economizing and expenditure recording.  Regular budget control can make miracles!


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