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June 2, 2019 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – June 3-16

Symbol – Flaming Torch

It is a fairy new moon that will give you an opportunity to find out the reasons of something you have been puzzling your head about. You may get sudden clarity about the things as if you wake up and smell the coffee. It is the time when you may encounter something unusual, get unforgettable experience and meet interesting people. The most curious things will happen exactly when you get in contact with other people, travel or study. Interestingly you may see or hear something so clearly as if you have had a glimpse of second sight. At the same time the two sharp crests around June 9 and 13 may agitate you, escalate the feelings and involve in a clash. Something that should be destroyed and go away will not give up easily and therefore some illusions will be shattered, but in this situation the most important part is the experience one has gone through. Around the time of full moon on June 17 you will understand that it is necessary to stand up for oneself. If you prefer to keep silent and take the role of a victim trying to prevent a disagreement, you will get in a conflict that you have been trying to avoid. Something that we are trying to escape during this full moon period gets to overtake us at full speed. Pay attention to words, new information and new friends, as well as to deep feelings in spiritual and emotional spheres.