Creator of ArtUrania
April 18, 2019 · 1 min read

Full Moon Forecast – April 19-May 4

Symbol – Fruit Cracking

All that was about to happen and seemed to be perfect and complete when coming to climax will lead to an inevitable moment of truth and even a crisis, but it may still get difficult in its final resolution and last for long. In fact the denouement can turn to be just the beginning of the end. Even if you dial it back, you are still in the beginning of this path. The fragile balance and boundaries can be violated from without and the established equilibrium can be shaken. A small crack can form a breach within time, and you will find yourself at the farther shore. In terms of justice you can get something unexpected but inevitable. Be ready to start materializing your ideas but look for an alternative and original way. All the plans you have conceived can come to life a bit differently than you have imagined!