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October 27, 2019 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – October 27-November 11

Symbol – Hunger

This new moon the matters of life and death, investments and possessions as well as financial matters become acute. While being on the verge or facing with the a dilemma of going further or staying put you will see how the problem will find an acute resolution and then transforms in an unexpected way. What is going to happen may force you to make a quick U-turn in your plans. Your emotions may "dance" as if they are exposed to the electric current, so you may act like a crazy. Your emotional attitude to something or somebody may be entirely changed. Υοu also can have a clear and sudden insight. You can more easily get connected with your spirit and astral body through practices and exercises with a physical body while doing yoga, massage or meditations. The sexual life can be developed in a new way. During these two weeks some old and unsolved issues may reoccur giving you the possibility to rethink your plans and to find out more facts of the matter.