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May 17, 2019 · 1 min read

Full Moon Forecast – May 18-June 2

Symbol – Infiltration

These full moon days are going to be thrilling and you will feel a need for keeping the track of events and being on alert. Something is about to be completed but this is one phase or stage only. The problem or the antagonists you deal with turn out to have many hidden agendas in the most unexpected situations. While striving to get to the heart of the matter and having stepped up the fight against evil whether doing it consciously or not you force that evil to give itself away. It is worth carefully reviewing alliances, clans and companies that you are an essential part of. In other words it is the time to consider what kind of people you are surrounded by and to find the root causes of your involvement. Going back to the roots and to what it all has begun with you may discover something really interesting. Others may summon you for something or remind you of your duties. It’s good not to renege on commitments and whatever you foreordained to because when doing what you ought to you lay the groundwork for the future. Being too open and credulous you may stumble over the hidden pitfalls around May 22-25, therefore it is important to check unsafe information carefully.


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