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December 31, 2018 · 1 min read

January 2019

Month of two eclipses

We are in for the two eclipses on January 6 and 21, so whether we like it or not we will have to deal with serious issues and work. In the first half of January the sun wades through the storm clouds. In the middle of January we will see the first wave that outlines the main crisis moments of 2019 for us. On January 12-24 the meetings, agreements and straight talks will have significant delayed consequences.

The lunar eclipse on January 21 will prompt us to start active or combat actions, and to be nobler and irreconcilable in the second half of the month.  Those who feel strong and right taking a risk to attack first may get an advantage. The most conflict time is January 18-24.

January is good for winning the object of love and taking specific steps in building-up relationships, improving one’s qualification and extending one’s own perspective. Long-distance trips may leave long lasting impressions and rock your world, but be careful on January 17-21 while traveling by plane, train or car.

Advice: Do not preach to the wind and make deliberate decisions! January is good for specific, well-thought actions and expansion. All is fair in love and war!


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