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June 26, 2019 · 2 min read

July 2019

Destiny Mechanics

July sends a message about traditional values such as defense of Motherland, family and grandfather rights. Around July 2 – 17 you will face a challenging choice between your career and a family. In a global sense it brings a dilemma between the familiar environment and ambitious goals, comfort and need for development with the later making you give up habitual things and conditions. The current trend focuses on a personal choice and self-realization which lead to self-identification and independence. Ultimately in July you will have to make a drastic decision on whether staying in your shell or leaving it. When facing hurdle you will understand what it takes and how far you are ready to go for it, though first it can be not even clear how to go about it. It is the right time to support the elder and to share the life experience with the younger who will use it to make their own and completely different way.

Between the two eclipses on July 2 and 17 you will have to cross the bridge above the abyss.  Around July 10 you may get an additional burden. Will it be light or heavy, useful or pressing, it will all depend on your previous efforts. Something from the past may come back but at its best or worst. On July 8-13, the old arguments may stir up again. It is also recommended to be cautious and polite while driving to minimize any risks.

Around July 24 former passions and acquaintances may remind of themselves. It is good to spend those days with friends, family, like-minded people and colleagues, or to take care of your home. You may give a second chance to your old love affair or just part friends and forgive each other for good. The last days of July are not particularly favorable for air travel, but they will bring unexpected surprises, bright impressions and a new burst of energy.


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