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May 27, 2019 · 2 min read

June 2019

Violation of Order

When trying to save the situation hanging by an eyelid you may feel you have had no choice left. The activity that has led you to a crisis requires a major revision. The decree of fate will make a decision for you while throwing away everything and the kitchen sink and leaving only the most necessary something. On June 11-30, it will be hard to influence the events dominated by karma. Don’t stick to the things that are leaving your life. Instead take a break and reconsider your values and goals.

In June it is important to have all your activities well thought through, well prepared and backed up. In case something goes wrong be ready to use the anti-crisis management. June is good for finding out the kick zone and taking time to stick your finger in the dike. It is the time when it is better to be safe than sorry. It is important to hold the interests of the family, clan or group. Their tasks will form your priorities. Don’t leave your friends high and dry.

On June 1-5 it is good to lay in a stock and do savings, as well as gain support when feeling hidden weak points. On June 8-11 and June 22-25 it is recommended to avoid taking on a loan, as well as getting involved in unreliable financial business and schemes promising fast profit. On June 5-29 we may face a turn of the trend at the stock market.

Clan and religious conflicts, succession and property arguments get to its active phase on June 11-22. The unleashed vendetta may cause a lot of trouble to its victims. However, in the end it will backfire at the instigators. When acting as rangers or lifeguards, remember that aggression is a two-edge sword and try to avoid undue risk.

June 9-29 isn't good for surgeries, dental implantation, beginning of construction, as well as going on vacation to some unknown places, but it is good for spiritual retreats and self-regulation practices aimed to getting rid of the family and insolvable problems. If you suddenly discover a health problem it means it has deep roots. This time is good to help animals and people in need, to feed birds, especially crows, to take care of hard-working creatures such as ants and bees, and to clean the Augean stables.

Wisdom implies accepting something that is beyond your control. The most important thing is how you act towards the other people. The way the other people act towards you is only their choice and karma.