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July 31, 2019 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – July 31-August 14

Symbol – Love for Life

A quite eccentric spirit of the New Moon turns the common things inside out and arranges them in an odd manner promising a new and unexpected turn. It’s important to find a creative, original approach even if at the edge of madness. Our beloved ones and kids may bring us surprises and crankery. The eagerness to express and prove oneself leads to extravagant deeds and impetuous decisions. However, the aftereffects of those decisions turn out to be unexpected even for those who wanted it badly. It can lead to the extraordinary results in the long run, if your first urge was sincere and harmonious to heart. Put aside the old patterns and find courage to follow your own and imaginative way, which allows you to feel the inner drive and makes your heart beat joyfully. It’s a good time to purchase a gem or a mascot that will help you in everything. The spirit of this new moon also urges you to open your heart to somebody or to make a generous gift.