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April 27, 2019 · 2 min read

May 2019

Turn the Stuck Wheel

On May 1 – 10, personal engagement and free will get to face obstacles. Potentially you can bite the bullet and put up with that situation. However, if the chronic dissatisfaction does not let you leave things as they are, you will have to work up the nerve and solve the actual problems with parents, relatives or at work to win back your personal space and show that they need to consider your interests. Probably you will have to cut the Gordian knot and move out of your parents’ place, dare have a serious talk with your boss or break ranks with the colleagues.

In case you continue to have it your own way, be ready to risk losing someone’s favor, protection and personal freedom. However, if you truly believe that your happiness and well-being fully depend on someone’s “precious” personality but not on your own decisions, it is the time to find out that it is not so. When taking responsibility for your own life, you not only become a trouble for somebody and leave your comfortable shell, but can also find the way that you really need.

The conflicts with bosses or people who have more influence than you are most likely to take place on May 4 – 7. It is also the time when the society may take on those who have failed in trust. Family arguments, financial and property disputes are possible on May 6 – 10.

It is better to postpone the solution of financial and bureaucratic matters until the second decade of May. While it is the time when a bird in the hand is worth two in the wood, the financial circumstances may take an unexpectedly different turn. It is easy to give in to temptation of buying extravagant things and expensive gadgets. However, when you get to regret your weak moment that cost you a lot of money the new purchase may turn to be quite useful. On May 14-19 and 30-31, things may get out of hand due to surfeit, excessive entertainment or having fun in noisy crowds.

From the 20th of May we become more active, restless and communicative. However, some cunning people may take advantage of your frankness around May 22-25. The last decade of May is good for studies, trips and experience travel. In fact this period of time, as well as the whole month, may bring lots of interesting meetings and experiences.


When there is no choice, it is better to forgive and let it go. It may not be easy but it is the best way to freedom.