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July 16, 2019 · 1 min read

Lunar Eclipse Forecast – July 16-31

The Moment of Unfreedom

Around this lunar eclipse we can find out what things we are not free from. They will reveal themselves as acute reaction to something and sensitivity to certain circumstances in the form of fears, fixation and repressed feelings. What shall we do? We need to watch ourselves and the others and record carefully to see our small buzz-bugs or even a serious hang-up. You can detect the bare hinge to which you are emotionally attached and tied to, or to which you were tied to by others, as well as to reveal suppressed feelings because they cause an inner discomfort. The atmosphere near eclipse provokes family related and financial dramas, tension between the women of different generations, as well as an inner conflict because of inability to reconcile what we like and want and what is needed and necessary.