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September 29, 2019 · 2 min read

October 2019

Tender Embrace

October is the best time to understand your love matters and affections. Love affairs may form triangles, rhombs and other complicated geometric configurations. You may understand how someone or something is important for you when you split up or lose that and realize how much effort, emotion, energy and money it takes or has taken to have a relationship. Some people will get the idea that they have got something really precious and won’t be willing to let it go. The passions of October have to do with the presence of a competitor, while jealousy and suspicion will make you start an investigation and find out the truth.

In October you may feel more need for food and warmth, especially because of stress. The best solution for that may be active sport, energy practices and sex, as well as sublimation in creative work based on the principal “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again”. You may finally understand what dream or project is worth bringing to life and what it will cost.

On October 14-23 it is good to do shopping and long term investment, as well as go to the sea. The month is good for surgeries, treatment of subclinical infection, plastic surgery, manual therapy for the low back, diathermy, massage, as well as memory improvement, vision strengthening and bioenergy exercises. Alternative therapies, including acupuncture, will be effective. A visit to a psychologist may help to deal with your emotions and relationship.

On October 5-8 the events may develop not the way you want that will lead to dissatisfaction with circumstances and realizing the actual problems. When trying to solve that on October 24-29 you may face a conflict, particularly if you don’t take into account the interests of the others. The middle of the month and the third week of it are more harmonious. It is worth taking advantage of that time for reunion and clearing up matters.

Advice: Tune in and join the flow; let events take their course.