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November 11, 2019 · 1 min read

Full Moon Forecast – November 12-26

Symbol – Questionable Affairs

You should listen to reason in order not to be disappointed in your best expectations. The voice of reason will also be helpful to avoid waste of money or emotions. Some dishonesty may be revealed, as well as old feelings or debts may return in your life. Despite of your fairest hopes follow the saying “Trust but verify” to be on the safe side. You may successfully get rid ο‌f shattered hopes in love and unhook of bad habits and affections towards somebody or something. In your imagination you should revise all situations of your past that hook you up, as if they are only the scenes of some old tiresome movie which has became obsolete until those situations stop to evoke your emotions be they positive or negative. During days before new moon on November 26 it’s better not to undertake any extra and risky activities. These days can spring unpleasant surprises especially to those who put the best efforts to make things better.


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