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February 18, 2019 · 1 min read

Half Moon Forecast – February 19-March 6

Symbol – Secret Not Yet Out

It is important not to talk but unlock your imaginative thinking and listen to your inner voice, snatches of a conversation or inner silence. Even if your conclusions contradict the logic, they are correct because they come out of the inner depths! You can detect undercurrents and hidden cracks in love or financial matters before they lead to a split. This time is good for meditations based on the symbols of water, near sea or ocean. You should ask yourself “Do I feel comfort or not?”, “Do I trust or not?” and listen to your feelings. The key moments and sensations: I feel, I believe and the knowledge that comes without logic. Listening to your intuition you will be more efficient in managing your practical matters. You will feel which business you should definitely complete before March 5. To make the right decision find a place to go private and spend some time in silence, for example, in nature or even in a dark room. You may get a hint in your dream.


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