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August 29, 2019 · 3 min read

September 2019

The Elephant in your Truck

September is good to walk away from bad habits and unnecessary affection, unclear expectations and big hopes to the benefit of more specific, meaningful and modest goals. You get the need to contrast something real to illusions, to reveal something secret, to clear out something obscure. At the same time you may feel contradiction between the feelings and subconscious desires that you should preferably make sense of and the rational reasoning. The month is good for arranging your work processes, getting useful skills, choosing the training regimen and nutrition. However, the increased urge to criticize and observe details while getting fixed on little things may play a cruel joke when making you unable to notice something big behind that. While overlooking the huge and obvious according to the popular quotation we do not consider the beam that is in our own eye and thus may take the “elephant” with us. Therefore when arranging your life check if you are accidentally carrying the elephant in your truck? On the other hand, sometimes we can't run away from our own elephant, and if you really want to take it with you, you should at least assess its size.

The first half of September is full of worries related to health, studies and work. Therefore you will have time to recover and get some rest only in the second half of the month. It is the time when the issues of financial planning and reason come first. The beginning of September is good for taking care of health but you should trust only reliable methods and clear diagnoses.

The situation in September with the peaks on September 6-10 and 18-24 provokes heated conflicts in social life, increasing the aspiration to clear something out, bring something to light and to assert the right for freedom, political and financial independence. It is also the time when the danger of natural disasters, floods and fast expansion of epidemics increases.

On September 1-3 and 8-15 be more careful with flammable liquids. Potentially there is a danger of home accidents and burns, as well as accidents with electricity. It is also easy to ignite someone's imagination and to suffer persecution. It may not be caused only by sexual or ‘financial’ desire but probably by a desire to get to the point and to teach you a lesson.