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March 20, 2019 · 1 min read

Half Moon Forecast – March 21-April 5

Symbol – Shadow Fight

This full moon offers a Choice. Maybe you will need to decide whose side you take in a conflict, or you may feel that there is something that impedes you to move forward or forces you to stick to and struggle for something you don’t need. This is your other side that keeps your fears, anxieties, and your Alter ego. When making a choice at heart we always have to struggle with our passions and selfish ambitions and it normally leads us to the triumph of light over darkness. However, the choice is neither obvious nor easy. Although there is a risk of loss in any case, the right choice is valuable for you will find yourself in a new capacity and later you won’t need to compare yourself with others but only with your new self! This full moon fills us with a stubborn bull energy which should be channelled constructively. Otherwise, it will become destructive while scattering in interpersonal conflicts and arguments. Don’t judge and accuse others for you will double your strength while showing dignity and generosity. Hint: clear conscience, feeling of integrity and harmony grant the true choice.