Creator of ArtUrania
March 6, 2019 · 1 min read

Half Moon Forecast – March 6-21

Symbol – Sky River or Sacred Quest

This new moon is under the influence of Eridan or “Sky River” that relates to Erebus and carries us away to the dreamland and the beyond. While it becomes harder to hear and understand each other, we can perceive sensation and visual images much better. We can establish a contact with our Astral world, get the proper tuning and a lot of impressions and feelings. It is good to devote your time to creative work or art related to the visual embodiment. If the bottom falls out, rely on the strength of your mind and life wisdom. If you don’t swim like a fish in finances hold back on solving important financial matters these weeks. Even if playing by the rules and putting the cards on the table you may be gobbled down by a dexterous financial heavyweight.  The uncompromising stand of this new moon, especially in matters regarding belief and principles, makes us feel like struggling with “enemies”, and leads us to idealism and spiritual or philosophical quest. However, it is recommended not to get too far with that. Dive carefully and don’t let your emotional fluctuations drown you!