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December 31, 2018 · 5 min read

Waves of 2019

Financial, Mystic & Religious, Totalitarian

Financial Wave

A well-fed swine, captivated by its own luck, dances while clutching a bundle of dollars to the flute of a Rat-Catcher, who leads it away. The merriment continues on the ocean shore, until it sinks into the depths of the sea (allegory based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin).

The mystical but fair fate is inherent in the year of 2019. Those who have still miraculously managed to avoid penalty may face the justice finally! If you have been deceiving yourself or someone else the ground beneath you may shift. Besides something or someone will be able to tempt you and lead you away.

The world is destined to fluctuations and even shocks of the financial market. There is a chance of an acute financial crisis that will spread everywhere in September. In some places the crisis will entail a restructuring of the economy and political regime aggravated with the collapse of financial organizations, devaluation of national currencies and chaos. The high expectations will collapse because of the inability to fulfill financial obligations. The countries which integration into the world economy gets disrupted due to external circumstances or their own initiative will face the crisis and retarded development. The gas prices are less volatile in 2019 than the oil prices.

The year of 2019 brings trade warfare and turf wars including the battles of IT corporations, Internet giants and producers of high-tech electronic devices.

The financial control gradually increases, and there is an active struggle against shadow, illegal income. In fact the legal issues in financial sphere get on the agenda. There is a high chance of large scandals and disclosures including those of antimonopoly, anticorruption and anti-crime especially in March and September. The exposures will have to do with the suppression of illicit drug-trafficking, medicine and other chemical substances. Sanctions and other economic restrictions will be applied to those who disagree with the new requirements.

The most challenging time is March 12-29, May 21-25, May 30 – June 11, July 6-15, September 23 – October 8 and around November 10-12.

Mystic Wave

People have been dancing on the streets of the city for many days already, without sleep or rest. Gradually they are joined by more and more dancers. Some perish of heart attacks and physical exhaustion. The authorities give them complete freedom to dance, but the epidemic goes on (allegory – the Dancing Plague of 1518).

The trend of 2019 is an escape from the harsh reality. It increases the interest in the mysticism and the unknown and gives a boost to the exploration of space and underwater world. The new puzzles will add the list of Mandela Effect researchers and adherents of alternative history. Many interesting theories and philosophic concepts in psychology and psychiatry are expected to break through.

In 2019, the inclination to bad habits and nervous illnesses increases. Sensitive people should not be carried away by other people's ideas, be influenced or too compassionate, as well as not abuse sedatives and antidepressants. It is necessary to strengthen the body and spirit with the help of yoga, tai chi, chi kung and other bioenergy practices, to work on your inner world in order to realize your deepest fears and addictions. You may also use the hypnosis. Such exercises can bring an unexpectedly strong and positive effect! It is useful to clean the atmosphere around you from time to time since our body is inclined to accumulate both physical toxins and heavy destructive energy in aura.

In 2019, the world will see more influence of augmented reality (AR) in our life in the form of computer games and electronic devices causing new epidemics and addictions. The technologies of deeper immersion into hypnosis and virtual reality (VR)will be developing.

The second half of the year from August to November with a peak in September-October may give rise to a large number of false teachers, charlatans, pseudo peacemakers and those pretending to be compassionate. The main distinguishing feature of such people would be the demand of complete devotion and self-denial, exploitation of faith of others for their own profit and the intolerance to competitors and otherwise-minded. At the same time the “witch-hunt” may begin in the form of secret or overt persecution of mystics, esotericists and independent religious figures who disagree with the position of the official religion!

Religious Wave

Martin Luther nails 95 Theses to the doors of the Wittenburg Castle church, and two years later publicly burns a papal bull on his excommunication (allegory – the Reformation).

Significant events may take place in religion and church life. The scale of those events may be equal to the Reformation that took place in Catholicism in early 16th century. Now a similar situation may become a reality in the Orthodox world. Due to a spiritual leader the new Reformation that has begun from a small split will be able to influence the progress and spiritual views of people for many decades ahead.

In the best case we may expect a rise of a new doctrine based on the combination of spiritual, religious and modern scientific knowledge.

Totalitarian Wave

The Salem Witch Hunt in Northern America in 1692.
The ship with slaves moors for the first time to the coast of the New World leaving Europe aside.
Charles the Great conquers Saxons.

The world will face a tendency to enslavement and control that in developed countries means the fight against the shady income. Meanwhile, in the countries with the strong state authority and a tendency towards dictatorship it will lead to even greater limitation of freedom and militarization. A part of the society will rally around the leaders and continue to struggle for rights and freedom. The symptoms of “fascism” in the form of dividing people into “black” and “white” or trustworthy and unreliable come covertly as “legal” restraints on liberty of citizens by means of criteria and ratings. Primarily we may see the restriction of the freedom of migrants, refugees and socially backward classes. There is a strengthening of isolation for those who are not ready to consider the ideas accepted in the society and don’t fit into the existing criteria. In some places people may attempt to organize communities of the future similar to the Paris Commune of 1871, or even to form dictatorships and military regimes. The efforts to alter a constitution for personal preferences will succeed to full extent closer to the end of 2019.

The control over the publication of video content including movies, video games and pictures will increase. The punitive measures for its illegal use in one country and for a simple publication of those in another country are just two sides of one coin.

In some countries, a tendency to isolation and return to the past replaces the movement to the future and leads to the development gap.

Positive Sides: Strong state power, unity, fight against the shady income, feeling of being important for one’s state and people.

Negative Sides: Spy mania, search for enemies, misuse of powers, strengthening of propaganda and censorship. Increase of the gap between the powerful and lower classes, suppression of an individual by the system.