Creator of ArtUrania
October 29, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon October 31 – November 14

Symbol – Adrenaline

This full moon will change the state of affairs reminding that everything is unstable in a material world. Are we attached to familiar things so much that everything unusual seems to us terribly uncomfortable at first? If missing a regular cup of coffee or a favorite gadget looks like a big problem to some people, then how stressful unexpected situations may feel in general! You perceive by your own skin these oddities around the full moon. It will be difficult to wriggle out of unexpected feelings and sudden situations. They are meant to shake us a bit to change our backward views. One should speak out openly about one’s worries because some problem could have got stuck in one's throat. You have probably clung to something instead of loosening your grip on it or letting it go. Meditation on a throat chakra can help to transform one’s disappointing experience into a life wisdom. Around this full moon, you are able to make or get a creative masterpiece – a protective mascot, a peculiar artefact, a garment or a home décor. An experiment, an occasion or sex can expand one’s sensory experience. However, if one has been looking for a bodily experience only, it is the time to turn to something different that is transcendent and beyond.