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July 19, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon – July 20-August 2

Symbol – Nursing an Alligator

Around this new moon, it is the time to draw conclusions for yourself, and if something does not come out or does not meet your expectations, then to stop it. This is the time to be ruthless towards oneself. Even if you are at risk of losing something or putting yourself at a disadvantage, nevertheless it is worth giving up whatever drags you down or makes you unhappy not to regret later. Gentleness is not needed, because when one cuts something off piece by piece slowly the 'tail of consequences' has time to grow again. Behaving like an adult is more difficult in the beginning, so one needs to overcome childish fear, negative parental or victim patterns and not agree with what one does not really want! Once having done that you will feel more confident! Having opposed the oppressor or soultaker and setting the record straight you can change the scheme of life. Just be consistent and clear in your choice and then you will feel how strong wings of freedom grow behind your back.