Creator of ArtUrania
September 16, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon September 17-30

Symbol – Apocalypto

It is time to sum up and make a new plan. It will reveal something overwhelmingly important, not some petty nonsense, but an existential problem with a question of how to get on and what to do. One can find oneself getting stuck, and this is where the climax or even apocalypse of the year will proudly unfold its flag. There is no chance to bypass the “hindrance”, one should admit, accept, and then adjust one’s plans considering it. If you have erected a megalithic wall of fear, past experience and beliefs, it is especially difficult to destroy it. The first week after the new moon will be piled with squabbles, inconsistencies and other “splinters”. Perhaps you move by inertia, having gained mass like a heavy truck, while the system, environment, or organism have already changed and rebuilt, but you are not catching up with that. Intractability with oneself can also get in the way of negotiating. Trust your heart at the end of September: we find salvation in the unconditional love and the healing ability for creation, as well as creativity. There are no barriers for love because love has wings, which are worth showing.