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July 31, 2020 · 2 min read

August 2020

Safety Not Guaranteed

No safety is guaranteed in August. You need to ask yourself if you are ready to sacrifice a lot of important things and even die for your interests. If not then relax and back off for it is the call of your instinct of self-preservation. You may become a hero but you may also get hit hard when carrying out your professional duty. On August 10-19, and particularly August 10-12, the penalty may turn to be fast and unexpectedly severe.

If you haven’t been in war yet it will be declared on you in August. The clear aggression will come in a disturbed mode such as silent bullying, persistent ignoring and intentional driving from a comfort zone. The world and conditions may get tough with you and say “no” to your ambitious plans, or you may chop the rope yourself when you feel that your camel’s back is broken. What is completely clear is that the problem sticking in your throat cannot be ignored. It does not matter if your choose toughing it out or dispelling the pall for in any case you will have to show courage.

Regarding the situation in society on August 11-24 some authorities will lose trust, there is also a chance of life attempts on prominent figures and big scandals. The hot issues will envelope gender discrimination, domestic violence and animal abuse. A bitter conflict around August 3-5 spiced with violence on August 10-15 will lead to an intolerable situation by the end of the month causing packets of resistance burning up to the middle of October.

In August we try to struggle with the rules and dominating authorities including our bosses, parents, mothers-in-law and spouses. For personal growth we need to develop will power, stamina, concentration and self-control, as well as to correct our mistakes, get rid of unconstructive behavior patterns and pay debts. August is good for leaving something that gets on your way such as old bridges and things that you may just burn out. It is good time for capital repairs and clearing away something that went out of order be it equipment or relationships. If you follow an old plan but it doesn’t work reconsider all its structure.

Health problems may involve fractures, concussions, head and maxillofacial injuries, burns, bullet and sharp object wounds. It is recommended to postpone dental prosthesis, head and knees surgeries. It is good time for fasting, tempering and keeping daily routine.

A good alternative may be the practice of tranquility and “not-doing”. The wisest and most patient people who practice couldn’t-care-less attitude may wait until they see “the dead bodies of their enemies floating along the river”. Such an impeccable warrior like you will need to just fulfill your duty and not be afraid of anything, particularly on August 1-2, 8-9, 16, 22, 28 and 29.