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November 15, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon November 15-29

Symbol – Chameleon

This new moon is hard to harmonize. One’s personal space or leisure time contract to the attics size or rare minutes of happiness. In this the cage one is offered to make oneself comfortable and safe while longing for love and freedom beyond the imposed routine and rules. What is created without truelove may be violated or destroyed. The feeling of irritation or dissatisfaction means that there is no genuine joy in what we do, but there is more self-restraint or external “I need” and “I must”. Eccentric hurricane power, which is hard to curb, affects us twice before the next full moon. It will turn inside out and shake up our backward views and familiar things, spurring us to change our attitude toward something and to switch one’s colour. In the middle of November the trend will be related to communication, agreements and trips while in the end of the month it will affect love, jealousy and finances.