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January 24, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon & Chinese New Year – January 25

Running Down the Dream

This new moon in Aquarius arouses the hunting instincts, curiosity of explorer and recklessness  of Don Quixote, urging enthusiastic but unsatisfied natures to set off in a hot pursuit of happiness, source of income, or true love which dangles like a carrot in front of their nose so tempting but unattainable. This new moon provokes love troubles and conflicts in interpersonal relationships while exacerbating the issues of adultery, love affairs, sex and creative satisfaction. The sensitivity of one could be wounded by harassment and straightforwardness of the other, whilst those striving to a simple affair or just sex may face the partner's need for understanding and deep feelings. Around the time of the full moon on February 9, you may feel a strong desire to take out on the offender.


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