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December 13, 2020 · 1 min read

Solar Eclipse – December 14-29

Symbol – Dawn of Thought

Days around the solar eclipse on December 14 will bring an important acquaintance, an encounter, a trip or a serious conversation that will point the way or outline the future trend. A thought or an idea becomes a primium mobile or a clue to everything. One should only clearly realize it and express it. Ta da!  So said so done. This thought or idea will also help one to gain allies and the affection. Be more confident! Expand the horizons and views with knowledge from outside and from within by understanding the nature and habits of your mind. During the eclipse it is useful to work on yourself to avoid erroneous but habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour, inner shakes and anxiety. Something that should happen inevitably happens around the eclipse, but the awareness will refrain one from reckless actions. At the landmark point of Jupiter and Saturn conjunction we can expect both world scale events and life surprises.