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December 1, 2020 · 2 min read

December 2020

Great Mutation

December opens you the two doors at once including the one leading to the new 20-year cycle and the new Age of Air until 2159. On December 19 Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the sign of Aquarius to mark the beginning of a new cycle up to November 2040. Such kind of conjunction in Aquarius hasn’t happened since 1405 AD.

The beginning of the new cycle coincides with solar eclipse on December 14 and the winter solstice on December 21 that makes this event particularly significant. Besides, the date of 22.12.2020 contains five digits “two”, the fact that has been repeatedly discussed in various predictions. The combination brings a powerful impulse and a huge energetic potential that the society has accumulated and that will be realized in the tendency to transformation.

The fresh winds of change will break the old constructions and free the space to something new, reshape the situation and the society up to the revolutionary reform. The matter is that the years of 2021-2022 are about changes, experiments and overcoming the crisis on the way to freedom.

December is a passionate and active month but it is necessary to act advisedly due to the Solar eclipse. It is better to buy presents and visit friends in the beginning of December. During the second week of the month on December 7-14 which is before the eclipse it’s better to abstain from important decisions related to medical treatment and finances, as well as of shopping and crowds. Be more careful with treatment and medicine. The middle and the end of the month may bring crisis phenomena in the society, financial leaps, questionable news about the virus and the vaccination.

Around the solar eclipse of December 14 it’s useful to analyze mind habits and attachments to break free from your own enslaving mindsets. Imagine as if you are moving to a new place and trying to start it all over. Therefore it is important to change your thoughts and habits. During the weeks before and after the eclipse you get an opportunity to perceive the reasons and consequences of the events happening in your family and kin.

Before the upcoming year it is important to evaluate the scale of your life events and your achievements for the past 20 years, to thank the old Age of Earth and let it go in order to begin living and acting in already new realities.