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May 6, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon Forecast – May 7-21

Symbol – Do Not Possess

This Full Moon offers you to sacrifice something that was the piece of your material wellbeing or habitual comfort, but to gain an interesting spiritual experience or go through the life lesson instead. It’s better not to count on flattering speeches, but to trust only your gut feeling especially regarding touchy subjects. One can hear a bell ringing inside or even a siren wails. What was promised may sail away or get sidetracked on the way, so one should rely on common sense, but not on a bird in the bush. Near the Full Moon the sexual desires, various manias and phobias, as well as the problems of sublimation will aggravate. The question is how to keep oneself under control and prevent letting off steam? By working at self-improvement and correcting mistakes, one can transform and change even the old habits, behaviour patterns and re-arrange one’s way of life for the sake of true needs and expectancies.