Creator of ArtUrania
March 9, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon Forecast – March 9-23

Emotional Dismay

Your emotional confusion and perplexity will be a result of your attempts to put things in order, as well as your worries about the loved ones and health. There is a thorn in the flesh behind superficial caprices or poor state of health. Little nothings of life may not match your picture of the world, or the march of events will interrupt habitual peace of your life. There is no sense to hustle and to put a spoke in Wheel of Life, it is important to show your wise attitude towards it instead. This means that you need to reconcile with one thing, and say good-bye to something along with the astronomic year that is coming to an end. The things that are difficult to accept and that run counter to your understanding, in fact, accompany your spiritual growth. What is going on at present happens to add one more jug of tears into the ocean of your life wisdom and around March 20 will push you to do something that becomes a universal catalyst of many striking events of the next year.