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January 31, 2020 · 2 min read

February 2020

On February 7-10 it is better to temper one’s objections and hold one’s character not to get into a scrape. Fat-faced passions in love and excess of desires lead to certain consequences and a choice which conditions may not satisfy you. In the second half of the month it gets more difficult to make sense of things and the complexity of current developments gives space for chitchat and manipulations. On February 16-21 ill-considered changes or a spontaneous start may only provoke another go-around and turn to be changes for the sake of changes.

Around February 25-27 you will get an opportunity to get out of former binds and holding clutches. You may suddenly get the understanding of something as if seeing the light of a candle in the dark attic. While getting a feel and seeing the essence in the very depth you will finally do something that should have done right by intuition. There are chances to gradually solve an old conflict and find a beautiful way out from a confused situation. However, if you miscalculate your vision and persuade oneself in something you may get stuck in apparent “normality” that was worth getting out of while having wasted your energy on doubts and inner dialogue.

On February 22-26 the desire of one people to get simple and understandable things will come across the ambitions and unreal goals of the others. You may get the feeling of social injustice and trampling over. In this situation direct and honest people will get more chances to win hypocrites and obtain justice. At this time it is important to limit appetites and take care of something desirable but simple and lovely for oneself or to meet somebody halfway having committed even a small but sincere act.