Creator of ArtUrania
August 2, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon August 3-18

Symbol – Fiery Flower

This full moon will acute and politicize freedom and independence issues in an unexpected way. The hearts crying out for changes emanate a powerful burst of energy which leads to more freedom. On the 2nd week with a peak on August 10-12, this urge will become devastating both for those who were eager for freedom and tried to avoid it. It is good to put your efforts on educational and reformatory work. For a start, one should decide what kind of freedom – personal or collective – is needed. Maybe this is the freedom from oneself with the rejection of personal egoistical motives, more freedom for a couple or a wider scope for creativity. Active actions will fortify themselves with flaming speech. It is possible that you will express an original idea, invent and carry out the reform that could be shocking in the beginning, but will be accepted by the all members of your clan.